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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Saying it Loud, I'm a BLACK and I'm Proud!

For the entire month of December my beliefs have been challenged. At the office potluck and during my strolls in the mall my sensibilities have been assaulted forcing me to reach and pull out my BLACK card. A card carrying member since I learned to reason, I am proud to be a Black Lady Against Christmas Knits. I believe wool should never be used to weave Christmas sweaters. Being a BLACK gives me the authority to let folks know they are wrong! Oh these weapons of fashion destruction...who da hell thinks Christmas sweaters are nice?

If you got,
gave or are currently wearing anything that looks like these you are contributing to the naughty things of Christmas.

You should also know that this naughty category includes fruitcakes, the terms Xmas and Holiday Tree and the other general removal of Christ from Christmas...

Excuse me while I segue into a brief sermonette: But whether you believe in him or not, JESUS is the REASON for this SEASON.

Remember that while you partake in the nice things about Christmas today. Be it time spent with family. Or with friends who've adopted and loved you like family. The gifts given and gotten. That big 'ole spread on the dinner table. Or however you choose to celebrate. And I think most of ya'll would agree that one of the nicest things about Christmas is the music!

Give me my Handel's The Messiah, O Holy Night, What Child is This or even Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer and I start to feel more in the Christmas spirit. And I am so sorry
Elliot, Joe and newbee Chris, but the truth is that Donny sang, one of my favorites best! Only Mr. Hathaway has gotten my 79 year old grandma-who believes that feet should only move for walking, running and doing the work of the Lawd-to dance against her religion!

Enjoy This Christmas Ya'll!


See You in the New Year

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