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Friday, November 28, 2008

Bust the Driver Side Window Out Your Car

So I wake up this morning to my brother's deep voice saying, "Rum Punch, your car was broken into. The police left a note on your windshield." I go outside and what do I see? Broken glass everywhere! On the driver's side! Fcuk! On the day after Thanksgiving? OK what does that have to do with anything? Nothing. But still, fcuk! Did they take anything? No, because there was nothing to take. They just rummaged through the glove compartment and other compartments in the car. And found nothing of course. This is the second time this has happened in my lifetime. It's annoying. It's violating. And now I gotta go call some glass people. So peace up, A town down, I'll be back next week with something deep and thought provoking. That's my time y'all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

Don't you just love Thanksgiving?!? Food, family and Friday off! I pray that everyone who visits the five from time to time has a fantabulous Thanksgiving. Here's a little laugh from one of my fav animated shows, The Family Guy, to tide you over till next Thursday. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

Sorry there's no post today, I'm ripping and running y'all, trying to prepare for Thanksgiving! I'll be back on track next week! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Boomerang Effect

I remember when I first learned about boomerangs. No matter how hard the angular instrument is thrown away from it’s origin it always came back. Amazing! In such a world as ours there are few things that can be relied on. Yet, because of things like physics and maybe same laws in nature (I really don’t know) you can always count on a boomerang’s eventual return. Just like you can expect an object to reappear in a good disappearing act. Or a bruised glutton for punishment to come home once again for another beating. Or even no good rotten people to enter your life at the exact moment you decided you were over it…

Boomerangs always find their way.

This weekend I spent some time catching up with an ole friend who was once again in the midst of some man drama spelled T-R-O-U-B-L-E. It seemed that a man she met at her job, we’ll just call him Work Boy (WB), decided that he was just too busy to spend time with her after spending five months on her like a skin. They had spent their time together going to movies and different restaurants. They even attended sporting events and made an impromptu trip to the mountains just because she causally mentioned that she liked seeing the trees in a forest. She was a single girl impressed both by WB’s intellect and his spontaneity. And let’s just be real for a moment, she was excited to just be dating…finally!

But it really threw my Homegirl for a loop when WB started to fall back at the exact moment that she was allowing herself to like him. Even imagine a future together, when the folks are met and a house is purchased. She explained her confusion when text messages and phone calls went unanswered and his response was that he wasn’t aware that he had to check in with her for everything he did. Nearly tearing up, my Homegirl explained how their demise was a sudden as their startup. To think that their connection could end because he was just too busy. A lame excuse, especially when she believed that even the busiest person would make time for a person they wanted to see. But she took the hint, respected his wishes, was cordial when necessary and didn’t press the issue of “them” any further.

And then one day he called her out the blue, ready to converse. Asking how she was doing. How had her life changed now that Obama was president…all that jazz. Subjects that all turned into a giant segue for him to ask if there was still a chance for them. Especially, since it turned out that he wasn’t as busy now as he originally thought. He explained how much he regretted his decision and thought about her often. As she went on I could hear in her voice her forgetting about how easy it had been for him to cast her to the side because there was no room on his schedule. I could hear her forgetting how worried she was when her calls went unanswered. I could hear in her voice her actually welcoming his return into her life with a “maybe this time will be different.” To which I could only say “Yeah girl, maybe.”

See You in Seven

Postscript: Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 24, 2008

What is Courvoisier grateful for this year?

Turkey Day is quickly approaching. And although, I was not raised in a culture that particularly celebrates Thanksgiving in the American sense I do look forward to the last two days of this week off. But since, I have been here for the last nine Thanksgivings, it wouldn’t be right if this year started acting new. In fact this year, I think I might throw together a little something and leave the foreigner card at home.

Over the years, I have experienced Thanksgiving in so many different ways. Everything from serving and cooking for the less fortunate, collecting and donating canned goods to stuffing my face all day with delicious food. But one thing remains, historical meaning of the day aside, I am always grateful. The tradition of saying everything that you are thankful for during the blessing of the food always gets me going. It makes me think “What am I truly grateful for this year?”

Well, let’s see…

1. Yes, I am grateful for my health and well being.

2. I am grateful that I have the support of GREAT friends and family, whom have been understanding and have given me just the right amount of space. ;)

3. I am grateful for what I have learned this year so far and eager for the lessons to come.

4. I am grateful that all of my crazy notions, are just that…CRAZY! (chuckle)

5. And lastly, I am grateful for Deliah’s Collard Green Rolls recipe. (chuckle) These little bites are delicious. I wouldn’t commend these everyday but it is nice to whip these bad boys out on special occasions. Try this and it may make your grateful list next year. (chuckle)

Go ahead and prepare your greens like you usually do (and if you don’t know how to do that…please ask somebody). Then get some egg roll wrappers and fill them with your greens. (This you can easily find instructions for online. Hint: Step #3) Fry those bad boys and serve it with non-other than your favorite hot sauce. Yummy in my tummy! (chuckle)
Much luv until next week…peace :)