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Friday, February 12, 2010

30 Years to Life

A long time ago when Mint Julep and I were knee high to a grasshoper (so we were like 21) and were having our year of culture – we would go check out foreign and indie films, attend hip concerts, and the like, we saw this all Black movie titled 30 years to life. It featured Tracy Morgan (pre-30 Rock, when he was just that Black dude on SNL), Allen Payne, Erika Alexander, and Shelby from Best Man (I, unlike Bellini don’t know government names), and some other dude. Anyway. The movie chronicled the year a group of friends were all turning 30. It is a good flick, very underrated and I think captures Morgan is at his best. Oh how MJ and I laughed and laughed throughout the film. Thinking we could relate. But we ain’t know. We ain’t really know how real that angst, that damn I’m fina be 30, that what the heck am I doing with my life feeling could be.

But here I am soon to be 29, (just celebrated my half birfday y'all!) surrounded by people who are turning 30, and it’s like huh. So this is what it’s like? I recently saw a woman who once attended my church and had moved away, and was back visiting for weekend – she asked me all the typical questions one asks a young adult: What are you doing now? Where are you living, i.e., have you bought a home yet? And then she said, “are you in love?” Which at the time I totally prefered to the tired, are you dating? Seeing anyone special? Married yet? And all that other madness. So I said, “no, not yet.” And she was on some, “soon come.” And then the usual, “you have time.” I said, “ummm… do I? Cause I’m getting kinda old.” And I only said that cause the church people stay thinking that I'm like 19, and be like, "so have you graduated yet?" Uh yes. Sigh. So she asked, “how old are you now?” “28,” I said. Loonnnnngg pause. Real lonnnng pause. And then, “well just think, when you do find that someone, you’ll be in your early thirties and you’ll know yourself and what you want.” M’kay. Well that was reassuring.

Recently I was hanging out with a guy who is turning 30 soon and he was on some, “there’s just some things that I can’t do once I cross that burning threshold get to that point. Like I can’t just be drunk in the streets like I was in my twenties.” Um ok. I’m not saying that I disagree, but I just wonder where all these arbitrary rules come from. From THE MAN, I know. He has us on this plan, this path, this very strict schedule. Jay Z may have been lying to himself when he said 30 is the new 20, but everyone else knows, that you’re kinda, really supposed to be a true adult when you hit the BIG 3-0!! No more playing around.

And yet, I have been fascinated by this show on MTV called the Buried Life where four friends have a list of 100 things on their bucket list and they film themselves completing the task. Every week as they fulfill something on the list, they find a stranger and ask, “what do you want to do before you die?” and help said person fulfill his/her wish as well. While some of the stuff on their list is pretty far out (literally) – like "go to space," some things are silly like, “tell a judge, ‘you want the truth? You can’t handle the truth,’ other things are kind like, “give a stranger a $100 bill”. But there's some stuff I never would have thought of like, “fall in love,” or “plant a tree,” or “send a message in a bottle."

Their list makes me think of all the things that I never thought that I could want to do in this lifetime. Cause for a long time what I just knew for sure that I wanted to do were these really huge, grandiose, incredible things. I never stopped to think that it could be simple, seemingly regular, ordinary things. Or things that make this world a better place. Like starting a church group, doubting its impact, until someone tells you how good it is for their soul. Or the simple joy of making someone laugh - which I do on the daily. Ok? Ok! Or just things that make me step outside of myself. Like going ahead, taking a chance honey, and asking a guy I been feeling out. Things that make me step outside of my comfort zone. Outside of the life that I planned in my head many years ago.

And now as big birthdays loom, and people start to expect this and that of you, and society breathes its hot ass breath in your face, I'm learning the beauty/necessity in doing what I want to do. Depending on if you're a the glass is half full or half empty type, life either starts or ends when you're 30, (yeah I had a guy tell me I should pretty much hang myself if I haven't gotten married by the time I'm 30 cause no one will want me - that was fun!) - but maybe as corny as it sounds life starts every morning that you are blessed to wake up. And there's at least 100 things you can do with it, whether they be big or small, or everything in between.

So, what do you want to do before you die?

That’s my time y’all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

fun time in the city

a new mayor.

saints win the super bowl.

mardi gras time!

formulating any coherent thoughts other than where my next drink is coming from is pretty much impossible.

see ya'll on the other side.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Survival of the Fittest

The snow that has blanketed the DC metro area has me thinking about human survival. Before the first snowflake fell in this blizzard, I joked with Rum Punch that people were hitting up the grocery stores like it was the end of the world. It seemed silly because it was just snow. Although the world hasn’t ended, things have definitely shut down to the point that I do wonder how we-semi suburban and urban folk would make it if a natural or war disaster broke out. In this area our basic struggle right now is going to the grocery store to get more milk and bread. But what would we do if there were no grocery stores, or roads to drive our cars, or electricity to heat our homes? Could we make it?

Personally I’m feeling a little ill equipped if I needed to get into survival mode. Sunday I attempted to walk to the local grocery store to get some milk and bread-feel a little stir crazy. It was treacherous journey down a semi plowed street. Unsure if my next step would be on sure footing or a patch of ice it was a godsend that a neighbor with a 4 wheel drive truck stopped to give me a ride to the grocery store. But back to survival…my friend felt that if a disaster struck we would have to go to some remote place to live off the land…he definitely didn’t think we could make it in the DC metro area, not enough animals. We would need to go to a place where we could hunt and fish. And that got me to thinking about cleaning and cooking whatever was hunted. And as ya’ll know from
this I am just beginning to master electric and gas stove top cooking. For me to be subjected to cook on an open flame without the aid of my McCormick seasoning…how oh how would I survive?!

It seems like a different world when my grandmother speaks of scrubbing pots and pans with sand because there was no steel wool. Or when my 50 year old coworkers speak of dealing with their menstrual cycles without adhesive pads! It’s these little historic factoids that make me wonder how the settlers, slaves and ancient people made it in this here world. It’s the little things like steel wool and adhesive that have given us comfort and a better quality of life! But at the same time these creature comforts have dulled many of our innate fighting instincts. And that concerns me when I see my brethren in 2010 trying to recover from earthquakes or picking out sentimental items from their bombed out homes.


Even though I haven’t built a fire since my stint in as a Brownie or sewn anything other than a decorative pillow-I think if worst came to worst I could live off the land. Make it by any means necessary. But as I lay in my warm bed with my manufactured sweat clothes, eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I got from the fridge, I am so glad that this is how I am making it through!

See You In Seven

Monday, February 8, 2010

Fantasy Dating

Two weeks ago Bellini admitted to watching Buppies, well this week, I am going to admit that I secretly watch "Let's Talk About Pep". I won't repeat, you read right. It wasn't until last week that I figured out why I watch this craziness. I watch it because there is something about four different women getting together and chatting about their different experiences. And no matter how much Kitty from the show makes my skin crawl because she is SO hood, I can't help but watch. It is kind of like the feeling I get when I read everyone's post every week. I am bounding with my girlfriends.

With that in mind ladies, I commence my post this week. Well, you know Courvoisier thought she would give online dating a try... branch out and discover some new circles to run in. It is like playing fantasy dating. You connect online, next comes that phone and you juggle the prospects until one breaks out ahead of the rest. The scores seem to change week by week. Here is the rankings thus far:

1. Semi-colon - Semi is a recent recruit and came out strong! Me likey :) He is the oldest amongst the bunch landing around the mid-30s. He is an avid reader and has proven to be a good writer so far. The brother likes independent movies and recently placed in a city short story contest. None of this was mentioned in his profile so I am intrigued to learned what next.

2. Harlem - He is not an online recruit but a long distance constant. He is a good shoulder. Got my back when needed. Always there when needed but never assertive. I am not sure if he knows quite what to do with me, therefore he slowly inches in like I am going to bite his head off. Rightfully so because you never know. (chuckle) In his defense he has heard me on conference call so he knows the direct Courvoisier.

3. Jimmy 2nd Time-around - I think J2time must be filler dude. (Not that I need one between commuting to NY, the studio and gearing up for a possible move to Boston later this year). Anyway J2time is my age and hasn't dated in a while and completely FVCKed up our first meet and greet. Took everything in my soul to not kick him to the curb. I am already stepping out my comfort zone because you remind me of last dude I give a chance and ended up marrying. So stay tuned, we are supposed to be going to a play this weekend but I will tell you he is still on the bench.

4. Law Student - I had high hopes for Law student, he came out the gates strong and has managed to trail off. On paper is great and we have a GREAT rapport. However, he is way too busy for dating. (rolling of the eyes) OK. Then why are you on match? For the filler? I think so. I really like when law student and I get together but I am not a filler type of chick. (chuckle) Two busy people will never meet unless they open up their schedules. I have control over mine. Law student not so much and if you can't control your own schedule, then I am not sure you will be able to control me. (chuckle) Funny guy though, still wants to chit-chat and call me 'hun'.

5. WT - As open as I am about hanging with other races. I have never been asked out by a white guy or went on a date with one. Well hello! Here comes WT... like "Hey there... Let's meet for drinks." Why am I stuck? Ladies, I have yet to respond to this. Still not sure. I am not trying to waste his time because after all this is fantasy dating, it moves fast, connect, check it out, then you make the decision right there and then to go for it or not. GREAT profile. Deep breath... I am going to respond... stay tuned.

Much luv until next week... peace :)