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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Wait Loss Effort

Hey y’all! I'm assuming there's still a y'all out there. Anywho. How’s it going today? Ok, so apparently (after checking the archives) I’ve tackled this weight issue thing twice two freakin’ years ago!!!! I distinctly remember writing this post in May of 2008 because I was being all healthy and going to boot camp on a regular basis. I fell off sometime in the Fall. Got back on track around Winter 2008. Was doing the damn thing until about summer 2009.

And then for a whole year I can honestly say that I have not moved nothing but the fork from the plate to my mouth. And pass me those rolls please! And let me go ahead and reach up high to get that $1 box of Betty Crocker brownies off the grocery store shelf.

Yeah. It’s been bad. Real bad, Janet Jackson when she's not on tour. It’s not like I don't know that I should work out. (And eat better). But let’s focus on the working out because like so many Americans (people?) I pretty much live a sedentary lifestyle. I mean there’s the occasional longish walk somewhere - you know like if I have to park on 9th and U and the bar is at 14th and U – but it’s pretty much home, work, church, happy hour, you know - the usual.

Please believe that it is a frustrating existence when you know you need to do something, but don’t. When your clothes are fighting a little tighter. And you step into the next size up pants at the store and they fit. And you’re like what the fuss? Yes, I know it takes commitment. And carving the time out of your day. And being disciplined. And doing it when you don’t feel like it. Cause I have worked out for long periods of time. Just not for long enough periods of time.

So after some start and stops earlier this summer, I was over on facebook and I saw a friend mention that she had her first Zumba class. Someone then proceeds to tell her about a free class in DC – just minutes away from where I live. I was like sayyy whaaaat? I’m totally gonna go!

And then I stuck to my word. Found a buddy – which is oh so helpful – and had my first class on Monday! Now, the fact that I totally loved every.single.thing. about Zumba aside, I have to tell y’all that the class was packed with Black women doing the damn thing! They were all ages, shapes, sizes, and shades. Some even brought their daughters.

I have done a lot of working out in my lifetime, but never in a room full of other Black women (well if you don’t count that step aerobics class in college). Anywho. I just loved the energy of everyone (the teacher w/ the purple tennis skirt and the sparkly tee with Zumba written on it included) who was there. I loved that we were an urban area the city and was in a class of people who looked like me. I loved that the women were positive and encouraging and funny. And there was a collective oh hell no when the teacher said she would make us do the arm workout again. And most importantly I loved that it was freeeeeeee!!!!

I know that in the past when I got on my workout grind I have set goals and expectations. And been on the scale everyday hoping it's going down. But now, I don't know. I think I'm just going to try. Make a concerted effort to get myself moving. And then move. Let some things occupying up my time go, so I can make some more time for me. And get it right and tight! Or at least rightish and tightish. Cause let me tell y'all my co-worker is 50 years old and she walks with a limp, breathes all heavy, has serious health issues, and I've never seen her put a vegetable near her lips - just PureD (that doesn't look right typed out - ha!) out of shape And I think she's mad at the world cause she can't walk 10 steps without huffing puffing.

Lord knows I'm too vain to ever let that be me. And so the effort begins again. Can't wait any longer.

That's my time y'all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

pick a lane

picture courtesy of crucktastical's side-eye fever

I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back person but nothin gets on my last nerve more than indecisive people. More specifically indecisive women. And mainly my fellow sistahs (you been on my mind).

Like my acquaintance "Monesha". She's one of those sisterfriends who won't decide what she doing until she know what you doing too. Minty: Monesha you want a daiquiri? Monesha: ummmm, are you getting one too? Minty: don't worry bout me, do you want a daiquiri or not?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing burns me more than when you ask somebody what they want to do and they say "I don't care" "it don't matter" "its whatever" when they soooo do, it clearly does and its only actually one thing. Its like they don't wanna pick a lane but goad you into making a decision and get all stank and funky about the choice you make.

Case in point 2: me and a couple friends (Monesha included) were headed home from a late night concert a few weeks ago. Everybody wanted something to eat but we preferred non-fast food. So as the driver, I stopped by a couple places that fit the criteria but being that it was a Sunday night we had no luck. Finally after hitting 3 spots with no success I proclaimed that fast food it shall be. However since we'd had Micky D's a couple nights before I made sure to check and see if every body in the car was straight with We.ndy's.

Minty: everybody cool wit We.ndy's?
Girl 1: sure, that's cool.
Monesha: that's fine wit me.
We proceed to the drive-thru.
Minty places her order. Check.
Girl 1 places her order. Check.
Minty asks Monesha what she want .....
Monesha: "Nothing. I don't care for We.ndy's."

Say what now!?!
Then why in the hell did you say it was fine not 5 seconds beforehand? Really! I want an answer. I'll wait.

And that's just the kinda "bitch please" look I gave her out the corner of my eye.

Wit yo non-decision makin ass!

And this is why I have like 2 friends and can only travel and kick it wit grown folks.

The Kind Friends I Like...

I know I usually drop a line or two on Monday but I just couldn't resist the urge to post about some happenings this morning. Why at 29 I am actually experiencing the words of my mother be clearful you choose to be friends with... (smh) Over the years, I have learned that is all about your exposure and experiences. These two things tend to effect your outlook, perspective and mindset. Somehow I have managed to straddle in between two worlds and now I am about to jump heavily into the next... this is craziness!

This morning, one of my facebook friends received the following comment on his photo:

(Beep) what did you do to show yourself sum love. I heard u got sum oooowwweee.lol your daughter is cute and got big. I hope (Beep) out again,thats my nigger. they aint have no f_king evidence fars i was concern. I feel bad for (Beep) but he needed a job. And thats my man anyway I always liked (Beep) as a friend. And besides he cool is sh!t. Whats good though? u been to your mom crib lately? And scens my girlfriend? I been hearing some stories,but havent ran into her yet...
WOW! Is all I could say to myself. Dude? Don't get me wrong, my facebook friend tries to do the right thing and is respectable dude but really? What is up with your boy? (sigh) Is this everyday conversation? According to my friend it is. Well chil' pleaze... not mine. (smh)

Rewind to last night, chilling with my studio mates, one of which is a chef. YUMMY! And I am telling her about how GREAT it is to have my sister staying with me because she throws down the meals and it is like having your own personal chef. Now I know she does personal chef services so I ask her how does her service work. She says well, "I send out a menu of 8 full course dishes..." (I am talking about 1 protein and two sides.) "You choose 5 meals and I cook and deliver them to you on Monday evening." Is that right personal chef? Hmm... let me see that menu. OMG !!! The MENU... I was like and when is this distributed. She says every Friday. I am officially a client yall! I am going to start next month. Besides the fact that she supports the same farmers and butchers that I do. Her clients similar to myself always traveling have experienced tremendous health benefits. It will be nice to expand my palette.

She works Sunday preparing and Monday cooking and when I did the math for 10 customers (10 servings) I was like that is not bad for two days work. No wonder you can stay home all the time with the new baby. NOW that is the type of friend I want in my circle. SMART ones whose everyday life seeks to make a good living off of doing the simple things.

Rewind it back a bit more. A lady that I work with who is a bit older than myself has been taking weekend trips for almost 8 years. SHUT YOUR MOUTH! Every weekend, Wednesday or Thursday she decides where she is going. Packs a bag and is OUT! Say what?! Teach me new friend teach me how to do this? Forget about the Dougie! (chuckle) She said "I am going to take you when I go to London in a few weeks, I am in need of underwear and music. We can use my frequent flyer miles." Who me? are you serious?!? Say what?! She speaks six languages and last weekend was in San Fran for a friend exhibit opening. I could do that... (chuckle) So I do the math... hmmm. I could work my way up to this in a year or two. Her motto is... life is TOO short!

WOW! These are the kind people I want in my circle. Expose me to the finer things... Teach me how you do it. I want my Facebook comments to be like, "I loved the Edamame Succotash last week!" or "How was San Fran?" A full life. I am on it.

These women aren't much older than I am. It is definitely something to think about and my lifestyle could stand to learn a thing or two from them. I probably won't adopt theirs but maybe I will learn how they bought their vacation home (deep sigh) or quit their jobs to go live in Italy for a year or two. (sigh) I am truly fascinated.

P.S. Race is not a factor here people... so don't go assuming they are all of a certain race. And none of these women are ballers... they will tell you themselves. Or maybe we have two different definitions... who knows. (chuckle)

Much luv until next week.... peace :)


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Ballad

Aside from the heat and humidity, I typically enjoy summer. The longer days. The grilling. And the overall relaxed nature exuding from everyone. It's a good time! Going to work still sucks though, but that's the case anytime of the year. But my ride to work becomes more enjoyable as I try to sing along when Corrine Bailey Rae's Closer comes on! Loving this track! Not for what she's saying because I can barely understand her mumblings, but the music! Oh the music makes up for it! It's a funky melody that incites movement, but it's so soothing and smooth that a gentle head bob will do. It totally reminds me of being at a cookout everyone has eaten, some of the guests left hours ago and only the truly ignant ones are left. The sun has gone down, the porch lights are on. Everyone eventually starts gathering around the card table, with players talking their ish and laughing when someone turns up the radio...

Niiiiiiiiiiiice! You can't help but groove to this ya'll! Or sway as you head over to get another hot dog under the aluminum foil. Definitely a summer time hit in my opinion! What songs do you have on your 2010 Summer soundtrack?

See You In Seven