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Thursday, July 15, 2010

pick a lane

picture courtesy of crucktastical's side-eye fever

I like to think of myself as a pretty laid back person but nothin gets on my last nerve more than indecisive people. More specifically indecisive women. And mainly my fellow sistahs (you been on my mind).

Like my acquaintance "Monesha". She's one of those sisterfriends who won't decide what she doing until she know what you doing too. Minty: Monesha you want a daiquiri? Monesha: ummmm, are you getting one too? Minty: don't worry bout me, do you want a daiquiri or not?

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Nothing burns me more than when you ask somebody what they want to do and they say "I don't care" "it don't matter" "its whatever" when they soooo do, it clearly does and its only actually one thing. Its like they don't wanna pick a lane but goad you into making a decision and get all stank and funky about the choice you make.

Case in point 2: me and a couple friends (Monesha included) were headed home from a late night concert a few weeks ago. Everybody wanted something to eat but we preferred non-fast food. So as the driver, I stopped by a couple places that fit the criteria but being that it was a Sunday night we had no luck. Finally after hitting 3 spots with no success I proclaimed that fast food it shall be. However since we'd had Micky D's a couple nights before I made sure to check and see if every body in the car was straight with We.ndy's.

Minty: everybody cool wit We.ndy's?
Girl 1: sure, that's cool.
Monesha: that's fine wit me.
We proceed to the drive-thru.
Minty places her order. Check.
Girl 1 places her order. Check.
Minty asks Monesha what she want .....
Monesha: "Nothing. I don't care for We.ndy's."

Say what now!?!
Then why in the hell did you say it was fine not 5 seconds beforehand? Really! I want an answer. I'll wait.

And that's just the kinda "bitch please" look I gave her out the corner of my eye.

Wit yo non-decision makin ass!

And this is why I have like 2 friends and can only travel and kick it wit grown folks.


Amaretto said...

LOL! Seriously? I am not the most decisive person, but I will let it be known that I don't like certain food. This girl sounds crazy!

Tina D said...

girl i can't stand that mess either! once i see a pattern of indecisiveness i just stop askin ;-) by the by i LOVE how one of the labels for this post is bitchassness, hehehe. haven't heard that one in a while, lol

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to disagree with Amaretto. I certainly understand what she did there. I will say that since you have way more history with her than the situations you described, you probably know her better, but the behavior RE Wendy's fits with something I would do.

Me and friends are hunting for someplace to eat. Our top 3 choices are closed. Driver decides we will get fast food. I don't want fast food. I decide I'm not that hungry anyway. Driver asks everyone for their fast food preference. Since I've decided I'm not going to eat, I just give a noncommittal answer. We get to the Wendy's and I answer "Oh, I don't want anything".

Here is the issue. If it was just my friends and I, that would be the end of the sentence. But I know that in the past, I have thrown in an extra "I don't like it here anyway" even though it didn't really matter. It was more to be difficult and because I was cranky, annoyed, and hungry (despite pretending otherwise).

So, it could be that she just took some things out on you on that occasion.