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Friday, July 10, 2009

They Say...

In 2001, everyone’s favorite sista girl Jill Scott was nominated for a Best New Artist grammy for her debut album, 'Who Is Jill Scott?' She lost to a white woman named Shelby Lynne whose album was titled, ‘I Am Shelby Lynne.’ God’s sense of humor? Mayhap.

Anyway. Critics noted that Shelby shouldn’t have even been in the new artist category since this was like her third album, and the fact that she was just beginning to receive acclaim shouldn’t have been a factor. But that is neither here nor there because she won. And I being a true Jill Scott fan wondered who was this white chick and how could her CD have possible been better than Ms. Jilly from Philly. I was intrigued. I mean the titles were so similar and yet different. One a question. One a declarative sentence. Both suggesting that their music would give you a hint into who they were as artists and women.

So. Being the type of person I am I went out and bought ‘I Am Shelby Lynne.’ And it totally rocked. Here was a white woman, singing a little bit country, rock, bluegrass and soul. Talking about heartbreak, love, and men. Sound familiar? Asking questions like: Did you miss me? Saying things like: I thought it would be easier after you were gone. And your lies won’t leave me alone. I ended up playing Shelby as much as I played Jill. And in the end I had to admit that her 10 track CD was a little tighter, a little neater than Ms. Scott’s.

So what is the point of all this? I’m not sure. Maybe that sometimes you have to find out things for yourself. Try new shyt. I know curiosity killed the cat – but they have 9 lives right? Tee hee. Even though what I did was something so easy – listening to a different kind of music, artist, etc – too often people are afraid or just unwilling to go around themselves and what they think they know, done heard or read in a book. Don’t want to try it for themselves. Can’t envision thinking and living outside the box.

And I’m not talking about anything detrimental or dangerous or illegal like smoking crack. Although you know if you wanna try crack, go ahead, it's your world! I’m talking about that seemingly simple shyt that might expand your horizons, but you’ve been reluctant to try. That ain’t gonna hurt nobody, we just dancing y'all, stuff – going to a concert of an artist you don’t know, trying a new food (at least taking 2 no thank you bites), throwing a dart on the map and then traveling to that place, learning a language, making a new friend, putting both feet in and being in love - head over heels, all consuming love.

Fcuk what they say. The critics. The naysayers. The people who done it already. Whether or not they liked it. Or that they said it wasn’t worth your time. Or that it didn’t work for them. Or that they told you it wasn't going to last. What the hell do they know? You’re a different person, right? With a whole set of your own experiences, feelings, and ideas, right? Cause I've lived by the rules they set. And been miserable. Taken jobs that everyone thought would be perfect for me and learned the hard way that they weren't. Been told that he's my type of man and we'd be good together. And realized - hmm not so much.

Now I'm not saying I live my life at 100% fcuk what they say level - mama has to keep a job cause I gots bills to pay. But in the day to day of the life that's my own, I do what I want and leave the rest. Try new shyt. And make a concerted effort to enjoy it. To find something good about it - even if I'll never do it again. Hear what they say. And then see for myself. Cause you never know. You might be pleasantly surprised. You just might like it...

That's my time y'all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

let this be a lesson

we all knew it was coming but when the official word came from the NPD, it was still a shock.


from cnn.com -- "The girlfriend of former NFL star Steve McNair first shot him in his right temple, then fired three more shots at close range, most likely as he slept, police said Wednesday. She then sat on the couch next to his body, and killed herself so that she would fall into his lap, they said."

mississippi gotdamn! chick was not playin. you have to be pretty touched in the head to shoot a man while he's sleepin'. then shoot him again in the head. then two times in the chest. and then kill yo damn self!

the whole situation is sad and i feel most for his wife and sons who will now live with the last memory of their husband and father as a cheater. but because of the way he went out they can direct all of their anger at the mistress and not at him. despite all the dippin' and divin' mcnair was doin in the last few months of his life, he didn't deserve to die that way. no one does. how was he supposed to know that when he made a 19 year old dave & buster's waitress his jumpoff she'd flip SO HARD.

granted i guess that's the risk you take when you step outside your marriage but if i remember one thing from torts class, the risk that you would be killed by your side piece while you slept was totally unforeseeable and way beyond the realm of possible outcomes that could have been planned for. one of the "bright spots," if their can be any gleaned from mcnair's death, is that for years to come, his fateful demise will be the exclamation point on many an admonition against infidelity. as married men (or women) gather round the bar on a friday night for an innocent drink before heading home and consider making a pass at some pretty young thing across the room, the wise one among them will lean in close and say, "slow yo roll playa, don't get kazemied!" and maybe each one of them will think twice before they step outside the lines.

what say you?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the moods...the moments

I knew for sure if I saw Janet, that my emotions would succumb – that was last week. Until yesterday it all felt surreal. It hadn’t hit me. Who had died? Huh? It didn’t register with Bellini. And even with the music on heavy rotation, I wanted to shout out loud to radio – “Why can’t you play this music all the time?” Do you remember the time, when music was always happy? Or once you were free from the yoke of mama n’em you would live life off the wall – guaranteed!

Friends have commented how the mainstream media was rippin’ him to shreds. I couldn’t relate, becuz I didn’t tune in to the media. I tuned in to the music and I blasted it loud and proud whether at home or in my car. Didn’t Rihanna say, please, don’t stop the music? Yup, that sums it up for me.

And then, the day would come. Yesterday. The world was watching to the tune of 1,000,000,000. No one knew what to expect. At work, all of a sudden my desktop was sloowwwww. Boom! Like a virus was takin’ over. I informed IT, employees were streaming live coverage of the footage. And who could be mad at that? No other way to explain it. So, I called a former co-worker and put her on speaker so I could hear the live footage in my office. And then that voice, Jennifer Hudson, singing my song. Such a melancholy moment to hear her voice knowing the struggle she’s going thru and the juxtaposition of her voice bringin’ folks comfort about his homegoing.

Finally, I reached home and tuned in to the tube. There it was... the burnished coffin, gleaming in all its glory. Then to see the gloves, the Jackson 5. And Reverend Al, put in all in perspective. And then the pure innocence of childhood emoted from Paris. Gosh! The lower lids holdin’ it back like a dam, but they overflowed anyway. Heartwrenching and humbling all at the same time.

I kept being stuck on the number… 50. But then yesterday made me realize, he lived a full life. Just like a KING should. He touched so many. He loved so many. And then I realize he’s just another part of me.



Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gimme A Break!

It’s a cruel and usual punishment to get a person accustomed to having a break from the daily grind from June to September for nearly 22 years only to throw them into the world of working! Personally I’ve been working for what seems like a hundred years and I ain’t use to this working through the summer thang yet!

I long for jaunts to the pool, watching the sun set at 9pm, and just chilling with a glass of lemonade for no other reason other than I ain’t got nuffin better to do!

Soon I’ll be starting my 6 hour day/ 4 day work week movement ya’ll. Don’t you think people would be more productive, if they had less time to get stuff done? This working gal does!


But in the mean and in between time, I’m protesting and raging against the world of working and taking a grown up vacay down in the Big Easy!

Check out Will before he got sexy and Jazzy Jeff before Hidden Beach! This song always heralds summertime to me!

See You In Seven

Monday, July 6, 2009

0 for 1 This Round

Meet a man,
Young and handsome,
Kind hearted and understands the importance of giving back.
Attends church and appreciates the arts.
Writing is his hobby...
Got a job and has his own business.
O-Kay!!!! Here comes the one-two, single with no kids.
Say what?

I know a lady,
Young and beautiful,
Kind hearted (at times... chuckle)
and understands the importance off giving back.
Loves the lord and creates the arts.
Pottery is her passion...
Got a job and owns her business.
HELLO!!! Here comes the one-two, single with no kids.
Say what?

Let's get this match started.
Lady smiles,
Gentleman greets,
Lady flirts,
Gentleman attempts to impress.

As honest as she is,
She saves the lies for the players,
She responds unamused.
No faking,
Or false impressions.
Lifted him up and chopped him down,
With a single strike!

He was right,
She is NO joke.
The intimidation you feel in your gut,

0 for 1 buddy.

Next round try again... she still likes you.
(chuckle, chuckle, chuckle)

Much luv until next week... peace :)