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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gimme A Break!

It’s a cruel and usual punishment to get a person accustomed to having a break from the daily grind from June to September for nearly 22 years only to throw them into the world of working! Personally I’ve been working for what seems like a hundred years and I ain’t use to this working through the summer thang yet!

I long for jaunts to the pool, watching the sun set at 9pm, and just chilling with a glass of lemonade for no other reason other than I ain’t got nuffin better to do!

Soon I’ll be starting my 6 hour day/ 4 day work week movement ya’ll. Don’t you think people would be more productive, if they had less time to get stuff done? This working gal does!


But in the mean and in between time, I’m protesting and raging against the world of working and taking a grown up vacay down in the Big Easy!

Check out Will before he got sexy and Jazzy Jeff before Hidden Beach! This song always heralds summertime to me!

See You In Seven

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