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Friday, September 17, 2010

Do You See What I See?

So I told Mint Julep that I didn't want to be one of those people who's like, "so I was listening to NPR the other day..." But ummm...err...so I was listening to NPR the other day and this guy had written a book about growing up with his single mother.

Now, in my ignorance I assumed dude was Black and just you know real articulate. Heh. Although when he said he and his homeboy decided to drive from Texas to Alaska and the car broke down in Oregon and he fell in love with the trees and decided to settle there - that should have clued me in that he was in fact white.

So NPR chick is like, "growing up did you have any male role models?" And he's like, "yes. There was this guy in the neighborhood. And the other one was Bill Cosby on the Cosby show. Back then I thought it was Black people whose families that were intact. I thought that all Black kids grew up with their dads."

I was in the car like, SAY YOU SWEARRRR! That's bananas, man! But it's really not, is it? It's all about perception. This is why I hate, like really hate, when rappers and athletes (and other famous folk) be on that, "I am not a role model" ish. And kids shouldn't do what I do. Or pay attention to what I do. Cause my actions shouldn't have any influence over their lives. Or impact their thoughts. Or their views. When that's totally not the reality.

The reality is that people look for answers, for solace, for understanding of themselves, their life, their corner of the universe, from various outlets: personal relationships with family, friends & others; the lack of relationships with family, friends & others; books; movies; televesion; music, travel; and on.

You can never know what will color someone's context. Their perception. Their idea of the world. But once you find out, it's usually fascinating. And sometimes totally unexpected.

That's my time y'all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Something New...

Sometimes someone new is the most exciting part.
Dialogue these make me chuckle to myself...

After you have already asked me out on a date and accepted, you ask me rather coy "Do you have a boyfriend?"


"WOW! I think... shouldn't I have mentioned that two conversations ago, if that was the case?" I say.

"Well, you never know. Island women."


"Oh no you didn't Island man?!?! You must think I just swam up on shore."

Straight answer "NO."

My turn "So do you have any women that would say you are their man?"


"That is an interesting way to ask the question... not that I know of. I have friends but NO one I would call my girlfriend."


Couvoisier coming out and asking negros straight up now! We all have friends but what I want to know is how much of those friends you misleading and got hanging around. To answer this question like "not that you know of" makes me believe that there is one that may getting the most attention and could beg to differ with your stance on the relationship. Just saying.

"Why do you laugh? What about you?" he says.

"Well, first off I am allergic to drama and I have a secret fear of being shot in the face so NO. I am not leading anybody on. And if you catch any dude telling you, I am his woman ask him if he said that to my face."

Laughs all around... you got me. Okay then... so far so Good.

Much luv until next week peace :)