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Friday, December 18, 2009

It's A Wonderful Life

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the nation
People were shopping, preparing for vacation.
Others were sad that they were out of work
Looking for miracles, about to go bezerk.

The children were all being nice
Knowing being naughty would put them on thin ice.
And here I was a single Black woman whose closet was darling
Wondering just where was my prince charming.

When all of a sudden there was a great sound
That caused me to quickly turn around.
After all I was all alone in my new house
And was soo hoping that it was not a mouse.

The street light was on, so rare for DC
I went to the window and what did I see?
A '54 vintage convertible, light blue
This was definitely too good to be true!

With a little old driver in a fabulous mink
I wasn’t too sure just what to think.
Faster than Tiger’s mistresses, out they came
And she whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!

Now, Good Health! Now, New House! Now, Life Lessons! Now, 5 Spot!
On, Faith! On, Joy! On, Family and Love, let’s trot!
To the top of the roof! The chimney it calls!
Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!

This awesome corvette began to fly
And headed straight for the sky.
They made it promptly to the top, lickity split
With a backseat of gifts and a divine woman who was too legit to quit!

And then, in a twinkling, I heard up top
Dancing and clapping that just wouldn’t stop.
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Down the chimney her fabulousness came with a bound

She was dressed to the nines from her head to her toe
And her clothes were full of sequins, they were all aglow.
A bundle of blessings she had on her back
And she looked like a queen, just opening her sack.

Her eyes how they twinkled! Her dimples how merry!
Her cheeks were like roses, her brown skin smooth as sherry.
Her plump lips formed a smile
As she put the gifts into a neat little pile.

“Just what are you doing”, I had to ask
“Just what do you think,” she said with a laugh.
“I’m not too sure,” I replied, giving her room to shine
“Why, I’m bringing your gifts from 2009."

“But what about all the other things I want,” I said trying to be pleasant.
Hand on hip, she said, “Um can you please focus on the present?”
“Can’t you see how much you’ve been blessed?"
She continued, “now why are you trying to make me stressed?”

“It’s just sometimes it doesn’t seem like enough and such.”
“Honey chile, be grateful, before I say it’s too much.”
I stared in awe and watched her finish.
She took her empty bag and said for 2010, she had to replenish

She went to her corvette, and let out a whistle
And away they flew like the down of a thistle
But I heard her exclaim as she drove out of sight
“Merry Christmas girl, count your blessings, and to all a goodnight!”

That’s my time y’all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

**The 5 Spot will be taking a Holiday break from Monday, Dec. 21-Sunday, Jan. 3, 2010. We’ll return on Monday, January 4, 2010 with a week long segment titled, Black & Bitter – our response to the now infamous Washington Post article. Y’all come back now you here? Be safe and Happy Holidays!**

Thursday, December 17, 2009


2009 is almost gone. Inevitably the closing of a year makes one think of what one has accomplished in that time. What's changed. What remains the same.

2009 has been the first complete year of mint julep living this life. The one where purpose in every day counts far more than pennies in the bank. I've learned that the more things change the more they stay the same. That the public interest world has the same self-interested white folk running the show.

I'm usually one to make lists and leave things behind and start anew in the morning. Only to forget or selectively remember those things I thought I'd never do (again). This year ima try not to do any of that. And instead try living this life I'm loving. To the fullest. Complex. In full color.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Advent Season

Time stops for no one.

Life will always go on...

Even though I know these clich├ęd truths I feel as I write this post that the close of this year brings a season finale in my life. You remember what it was like to watch your favorite show all year. To get to know the characters and their storylines for months for it all to be concluded in an extra special hour long presentation episode? In this episode things were resolved, folks where happy and in the last few moments a cliffhanger storyline began. As the viewer I just couldn’t wait to watch what the new season would have in store come fall. And it is with similar expectancy that I wonder what is going to happen next…

Before this year began I said that I would be getting mine in oh-nine! I proclaimed this mantra half believing it, but mostly from the frustration about where I was in life. And without ecking out the details or borderline getting my brag on I will state that I feel like this mantra set the stage for me to truly get mine this year. My life is in a total different place now than when everyone was running around worried about Y2K. (Ha ha ha! Computers are like cockroaches!) And I know that we all have been through some thangs, made it over, were tested and tried since 1999 ended-but aren’t we better, stronger, wiser, freer and growner for it? I am just going to speak for ya’ll right here and say Yes we is! Yes we is!

I feel like I have moved beyond several of the challenges that I was faced with in 2000, 2001, 2002, oh heck every year had its share of challenges! But I wonder about the Amaretto I would have become if I didn’t have to move 9 times, didn’t work as a part time teller, didn’t get the diagnosis, never had crippling debt, never had my heart ache or break, never screamed out Fcuk the world don’t ask me for…

But I thank God from the depths of my soul for his infinite wisdom and constant provision. I couldn’t have made it otherwise. I wouldn’t have learned any other way. I couldn’t be able to cope with this thing called life with out knowing, praying and expecting change. And not that Obama kind of change-the real deal! And I will take off my saved and sanctified hat to confess that there were many “Why me, Lord and not them?” moments. If Amaretto Jenkins was allowed to run things I would have chosen an easier breezier course with lots of money and no pain…but I’d probably be a horrible jerky biznat of a person with no friends to keep it real and check me when necessary! I wouldn’t be the woman I am today or the woman I am destined to be in the next decade, and I am not trying to miss out on that!

So during this season of advent I eagerly and not fearfully await what will happen next.

Until next season…Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

See You in the New Year!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Left Behind in '09

So every year Barbara Walters lists her 10 most fascinating people of the year and every year I talk about starting a new or life improvements around the week of my birthday, but since this is my last post for the '09 it only seem fitting that I say see you next year in true Courvoisier fashion. I have noticed a friend of mine always uses the phrase I am not taking that into the new year and for this last post, I have decided to discuss who and sometimes what will be taken into the new year.


First on the list, Cable... yup! You will not be taken into the new year. You know why? After living without you for a few months and being at one with myself, I realized that you are a true distraction. Which leads me into what will be going into the new year. FOCUS! Focus you are more than welcomed in 20-10. This pass year has been one where I have searched and struggled to find you. And now that I finally have you where you should be I am not leaving you behind.

Last year I was grateful for a lot of things and I have to say the list still remains... all of these things are going into 2010 with even more love and appreciation. Which me leads me to... how blessed I am to be taking 5andapossible into next year. We have all developed a bond and appreciation for each over this last year, one that I can't imagine leaving behind. Writing with you guys has opened up a part of my personality that I didn't even believe existed. Seems like I have been with you guys much longer than September '08. And let's not forget our followers... thanks for reassuring me I was crazy but not within functioning reason. (chuckle)

Friends: This year, I made many friends but not every year do I meet a person who I think will probably be around for a long time. This year in addition to my closest girlfriends, I believe I have found another. Let's just say, if I walk the aisle again... the bridesmaid count just went up by one. (chuckle) 2009 also marks the year that I say goodbye to 5 people who have played a role in my life, Emmaline, Tom, Ta-Gia, Francis and Rodney Jr. All of you parted so unexpectedly, I will love you always. XOXOXO

Fashion: For as long as I could remember, I thought fashion was the ultimate self-expression without having to say a word. I love it! Yes, I know we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but believe, the outer gives a hint. I will continue to be neat, not necessarily trendy in 20-10, maybe a little bit more expressive or shall I say more CONFIDENT. (yes, that is possible for those who know me.) Self love.

Love, I'll say it again... LOVE, you will not be left behind. This is sad news for 2009 booty calls (chuckle). LOVE rules in 2010! I am going to love new and freely. No more entertaining the crazy for the fun of it. It really isn't that fun... especially when you are focused and these experiences become distractions. I knew you didn't fit from the beginning yet I still would play with you like a cat with it's mouse. It seems has if it has resulted in the same fatal end. Choosing in 2010 not to mislead you anymore. (chuckle)

Health: This year I was able to stay committed to my health. Although the last two months have been trying... I am taking my best practices into the new year regardless. Many don't have this option... I shouldn't take mine for granted.

Music: Without question you are not being left behind. Are you kidding me? You keep me going on the treadmill, you influence my swag, I could go on and on forever. So who from 09 will I enjoy most still in the 10. There seems to be a few givens that came out this year Maxwell, Mos Def and Melanie Fiona. The one that doesn't seem to disappear and embodies the spirit of my recent attitude towards my artwork is Fela Kuti. Fela you have influenced a lot music I already love, it only seems right that you go into the new year. Your rhythms speak straight to my spirit!

Where there is music, there is art! Without any of things mentioned thus far there would be no art for me. They all enable me to create. Hence you will not be left behind art... no more words needed. (There is no shame in this plug... chuckle)

And lastly, Faith. I am taking you into the new year because without you, everything else is pointless!

Much luv until next year... peace :)