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Monday, November 24, 2008

What is Courvoisier grateful for this year?

Turkey Day is quickly approaching. And although, I was not raised in a culture that particularly celebrates Thanksgiving in the American sense I do look forward to the last two days of this week off. But since, I have been here for the last nine Thanksgivings, it wouldn’t be right if this year started acting new. In fact this year, I think I might throw together a little something and leave the foreigner card at home.

Over the years, I have experienced Thanksgiving in so many different ways. Everything from serving and cooking for the less fortunate, collecting and donating canned goods to stuffing my face all day with delicious food. But one thing remains, historical meaning of the day aside, I am always grateful. The tradition of saying everything that you are thankful for during the blessing of the food always gets me going. It makes me think “What am I truly grateful for this year?”

Well, let’s see…

1. Yes, I am grateful for my health and well being.

2. I am grateful that I have the support of GREAT friends and family, whom have been understanding and have given me just the right amount of space. ;)

3. I am grateful for what I have learned this year so far and eager for the lessons to come.

4. I am grateful that all of my crazy notions, are just that…CRAZY! (chuckle)

5. And lastly, I am grateful for Deliah’s Collard Green Rolls recipe. (chuckle) These little bites are delicious. I wouldn’t commend these everyday but it is nice to whip these bad boys out on special occasions. Try this and it may make your grateful list next year. (chuckle)

Go ahead and prepare your greens like you usually do (and if you don’t know how to do that…please ask somebody). Then get some egg roll wrappers and fill them with your greens. (This you can easily find instructions for online. Hint: Step #3) Fry those bad boys and serve it with non-other than your favorite hot sauce. Yummy in my tummy! (chuckle)
Much luv until next week…peace :)

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