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Friday, July 23, 2010

Be Our Guest

Hey y'all! Here's something I submitted for an online writing workshop I'm taking and what I'm currently experiencing. Lol. The assignment: a 250 word short story, written as instructions, in the 2nd person (which is a rare thing in fiction).

When being sent off as the advance team, to spy/visit your favorite cousin and his new bride, in the house they just bought, and painted, and furnished, and decorated, one should be the perfect houseguest. You must always be hungry, even if you're not. But don’t seem to like every suggested thing, lest they think you’re just being nice. You must accept the fruity cocktails and extra pillows. And always say you slept well. Don’t mention that you wish they had turned on the AC. You must help out, but not too much, because then you will be reminded that you are the guest. And you must know what you want to do with the day. Shopping? Beach? Movies? Pick one. For God's sake, pick something. But never say it doesn't matter. And compliment the art on the walls. And how the colors blend and flow throughout the house. This will warrant head nods and stories of whose furniture was whose, who picked which color, how they got that desk for just fifty dollars. Smile. And nod. And say that’s fascinating. Don’t talk about your life too much. How you hate your job. Or how you too have just purchased a house and are thinking of painting one wall pink because you live alone and can do that. Do not dwell on your single status and their married status, for it will make everyone uncomfortable. Or note how they are just learning each other’s ways and have not yet mastered the marriage two step. Make a good impression because you know they are trying to do the same.

That's my time y'all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rescind resignation

Is there really much to say. The President being a politician took a preemptive measure to have someone fired who did no wrong except being candid at church. And to think I was 90% sure of registering to become a NAACP member - now it stands at 50%. More about that story next week. Jealous & co. You have some work to do... When Bellini is on the same accord as Pat Buchanaan (I was watching 'Morning Joe' this morning) - something is up. Here's the gist, the administration acted like some cowards. One senses that the race bogeyman has the President and his minions shook, but this is in stark contrast to his race speech in the city of brotherly love. What gives? Sister Sherrod (did I spell her name right - my apologies folk?) you may not even want your job back, but to know you have a choice - is a step in the right direction.



Monday, July 19, 2010

Random Thoughts...

Once again, it is time for a few random thoughts...


2. Is it possible to be attracted to someone ONLY by their voice ? I am sayin', one of client contacts voices does the voodoo-hoodoo on me! I am could swear is nothing but chocolate goodness from his velvet tone. (sigh) I am two steps away from running over there one evening just to find out. (chuckle)

3. When someone is willing to uproot their life and move to wherever in the universe for you, do you take them up on the opportunity under the assumption, he IS a grown a$$ man? I don't understand this kind of crazy leap of faith?!?! (chuckle) Everything of which you knew to be true will NO longer be. Hmm... ponder that?! Because I am not sure I am ready to accept someone who is willing to do this for me. He would have to find a new way of supporting himself... start a new. New friends, new ways, new food, NEW EVERYTHING.

4. I bought a nice, thoughtful gift for Semi for his birthday but as I wait for the day to arrive, I am afraid this might catapult into something I am quite ready for yet? Hmmm.... Especially since he is thinking he might follow me out of town the weekend we were going to celebrate. Yes, you read right DC crew... he got invited to a party that weekend in your area. Hmmm.....

5. Am I afraid of commitment because of my fear of being hurt? Hmmm....

Back to one, when it rains it pours.