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The View From Here will conclude on Friday, October 1, our third year anniversary. We would like to spend this month thanking all of our readers, followers, haters, visitors, family, friends, and fans for your continued support, encouragement, and comments over these past few years. Thanks y'all!
-The Five Spot

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Fantastic Journey

In Andre 3000’s low whisper, “ok here we go…”

I’m gonna try to do this without crying all over my keyboard. But honestly that’s quite a tall order cause this whole thing called The View From Here aka 5andapossible, aka The 5 Spot, is like whispering to your lover, “let’s make a baby,” then after surviving the labor pains of birthing said baby, raising it, chiding it, getting tired of it for being so damned needy and wanting your time and attention, going back to loving it again, and then finally having to let it go.

I have already written about the hows and the whys of the start of 5andapossible, so we shan’t go there today. But I can honestly say that three years ago when I stood in the bathroom doorway and mentioned the idea to my mother, only to be met with a confused look, followed by, “umm…ok,” when I then began asking my friends, “hey do you want to maybe write, like, this thing called a blog with me,” and then when us ladies finally gathered on that Labor Day Monday on my parents’ porch and debated blog names, pseudonyms, topics, and everything in between – I could have never, ever imagined all of this.

All the LOLs. And the chuckles. And the tee hees. The endless loops of laughter. The, “I really liked your post today” from one another. The comments left from strangers and friends. The readers. The debates. The arguments. The early morning conference calls and the rules we laid down at the very beginning. HA! The fact that we would pitifully re-enact our own version of The Five Heartbeats.

That we would fall in love and out of like. That we would lose jobs and gain homes. That we would have to get over that nygga and open our hearts again. That we would travel and party it up. That we would move on and learn how to keep going. That we would accept our callings and find our passions. That we would witness our first Black President and be a part of history. That our bond would be strengthened and tested. That we would dream for each other when someone was too damn tired of dreaming for herself. That we would encourage, congratulate and support. That we would share.

Share our stories. Our changes. Our thoughts. Our opinions. Our flaws. Our contradictions. Our mistakes. Our tears. Our joys. Our struggles with weight, men, love, jobs, co-workers, black folk, Obama, our mamas, each other, life itself. Ourselves. We shared ourselves.

And we found ourselves. We changed. Transformed. Blossomed. Grew up. Got grown. Became wiser. Rooted for each other. Got knocked on our asses. Prayed [and cried] through life’s blows. Praised God for life’s blessings. Learned lessons. Told stories. And as we prepare to enter another decade of life, we have made sure to leave room for improvement. For development. For whatever life brings next.

I called my very first post, A Fantastic Journey, just guessing, but not truly knowing what this blog thing was going to bring. And now, three years later I can honestly say that it was the best thing for me. This pushed me towards my purpose. And I can look back over these last three years and literally chronicle my growth. My stupidity. My a-ha moments. When I felt loved. And when I was hurt. My worry. My loneliness. My struggle and determination to find my place. What brought me joy. How I got over. And moved from mama n’em’s to my own house. How you can plan, but life has other plans. And what you do next makes all the difference. And damn, how three years can really fly by if you're not paying attention.

So, thanks to all the readers, the followers and the fans who have been with us during some or all of these three years – especially in the beginning when we were like, “is anybody out there?” Lol. But most importantly thanks ladies of The 5 Spot for taking the plunge, for writing [almost ;-)] every.single.week just because one day I asked you if you would, for opening up your lives and coming along for the ride. It’s been, truly, fantastic.

That’s my our time y’all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

better late than never

for the past few months it's been damn near impossible for me to post here.  not for a lack of thoughts and feelings swirling through my head.  not because there hasn't been plenty work dramer to editorialize.  but mostly because i didn't have time.  or i didn't make the time.  seemed like most thursdays of late i had something better to do or somewhere better to be.  and now that we've come to the last post, i regret not having posted on those thursdays past.  because now there won't be anymore thursdays here.

as i looked over the 200 pages or so of what i've written here, i'm amazed at the things that i've shared.  at the secrets i've let slip.  at the raw emotions that i've expressed.  and i am forever grateful for the opportunity to have written here.  to have opened myself up to you, our anonymous 10 to 20 regular readers.  shouts out to mrs. meany for always reading and commenting and to that other girl from jersey for never commenting but always reading!

when we started out, i thought i'd write about legal things since that's what i do for a living.  but actually law related topics took up only a small portion of what i've contributed here.  it wasn't until amaretto shouted me out on wednesday  "for always defending love in all it’s forms!" that i thought ahhh yes, love is the thing!

it's the thing i struggle with expressing some times with friends and family.  it's the thing i hold on to so tight for fear that if i let it show, i will lose it, lose myself.  it's the thing i so often wish i'd said in that moment when i felt most angry or sad or overjoyed.  but that i held inside and thought about over and over again after i walked away.

the beauty of the 5spot is that it has allowed me to show it. even on my perpetually delayed timing.  whatever i have been through, if it stuck with me, kept me up at nights, made me want to tell somebody about it, i could do it here.  i could sit down, think it over, read it back to myself and realize what my true feelings were about it.  and then hit post.

so thank you 5spot.  thank you dark&stormy, couvoisier, amaretto, bellini and rum punch.   thank you for putting up with my quirky inability to capitalize properly.  thank you for reading even when i wasn't quite on schedule, but always on time.

i love ya'll!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Is It!

This has to be one of the hardest posts I have ever written. Three years ago I sat at a similar work computer trying to come up with the words that would introduce Amaretto Jenkins to the blog world and this is what I came up with. Egads! It’s like looking at my 7th grade school picture, complete with lopsided ponytail, acne and braces! Sure it’s cute-ish but thank goodness for time changing things!

But I have certain fondness for my Cups Can Save Relationships post because it was the first one I had ever done. And not saying that this will be my last post ever-it will be my last one here *sniffle* and I feel like I should leave our loyal lone reader with something they can ponder in their mind and heart long after we shut the 5 Spot down. But boo hiss, nothing profound is coming to me! Today’s highlights have been getting cupcakes from
the cupcake truck that rolls around DC. And, my coworker telling me that if the man she is dating had to go to the hospital today she wouldn’t know about it because his wife would be called instead of her. Ha ha ha! It’s not as random as it sounds ya’ll, she said he was sick last night. But is any of this blog worthy?

And yet that is the most wonderfulest thing about blogging! I could write whatever I wanted, whether folks agreed or even understood my view from here. This place has been where I have been able to sign on to talk foolishness, share my concerns, report some of
my wonderful world of working missteps, find racism in the most basic of conversations and put some of my friends on blast by telling their business-only after I finessed some things Amaretto J. style to protect the innocent and guilty alike. And it’s been fun ya’ll!

Well sometimes it was more like Dang is it Tuesday already?! And I’d give evil virtual glances at Mint and Rum because they chose the latter days of the week when we were in the planning phase of this project…not that it matters because 7 days is 7 days-but it just seemed like they had more time. Dark & Stormy and Courvoisier know what I mean! But I’ve truly enjoyed reporting how I’m navigating my twenties with all it’s challenges (men folks), hopes (mo money please), fears (will I be the cat lady?) and debt (student loans suck)! And because I was accountable to 4 other people, blogging didn’t fall by the wayside (often), like when I attempted to keep my own diary. But with 30, Lord willingly, looming within next calendar year I think I need to write down my thoughts somewhere so I can reflect on the younger Amaretto, or at least have something to do and read when I’m bored at work.

It’s funny, in the ironic way, because I stayed having writer’s block-like every week! Yet it seems like there are so many things that I could and should write about. Like that cute baby I saw at church. Or laughing at season one of the Boondocks cause my friend got it on bootleg. Or how I contemplated stealing my neighbor’s cute little doggie yesterday. And what is going to happen to Bracky in 2012? What will I watch at 4pm after Oprah is gone? And I know you just want to know what I would do if the government ever gave me 40 acres and a mule! Oh, this life is filled with the mundane and the insane alike, but there just isn’t enough time to share it all.

And with that said I leave showcasing just a few of my favorites from my co-laborers…

To Dark & Stormy, for getting my week started with a laugh! Thank you!

To Bellini, for being my Wednesday morning Meet the Press! Thank you!

To Mint Julep, for always defending love in all it’s forms! Thank you!

To Courvoisier, I know it wasn’t easy, but I loved your honest insights! Thank you!

And To Rum Punch, this was such a great idea girlfriend! To a lifetime of brilliance!

So with that I say thank you to all! And a special thanks to our lone loyal reader for enduring when I stepped up on this soapbox and shared. Maybe in our forties we’ll all come back as Starbuck’s coffee drinks to share our views from there.

Until then,
See You In…
Well, until we meet again!

Monday, September 27, 2010

This Whole Experience...

And now it is time to say good bye to all our company, M-I-C... see you real soon, K-E-Y, why? because we like you. (chuckle)

For four weeks, I have been dreading this post because what I am suppose to say... for minute I thought it would probably be best to just post as normal about some arbitrary topic. It wasn't until I was driving home from DC that I realized... I can't do that! That would diminish the importance of this experience. Because when I really started to think about this whole experience, I thought "WOW! Since I have been spitting my thoughts every Monday, I have managed to become friends with some amazing gals!" I went from only knowing only 2 of the 5 and the possible to getting to know 3 other great women, who were going through some of the same craziness that I was going through. It is funny how you find comfort in numbers.

Something that started off as just a way get some feelings out, say a few things, talk some ish on a Monday... almost became like sunday brunch with your gal pals. It was like going out for drinks Sex in the City style, well you know without the drinks, the heels, you get my drift? Like late night sleep overs that we don't really do anymore because we grown a$$ women unless we sharing a hotel room, that we wish we still did. I never was one for sororities but was always a fan of the sisterhood once all the hazing was done. And that is exactly how I feel about my chicas at 5 and a possible. We may not all live in the same city or even chit chat with each other on the phone, but when we are in the each other's area... we always say whatsup!

What's up?

I can't speak for the other days of the week but I know that some how from just writing my thoughts and feeling out every week, reading and commenting your thoughts every week has some how drawn us together as friends. Which I have to admit is pretty awesome considering, I was reminded the other day that once you are past a certain age, you don't really make a lot of friends that will eventually become close friends. And I am going to have to agree.

This whole experience has been a GREAT one! Love you guys.... MUCH LUV and PEACE!!