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Monday, September 27, 2010

This Whole Experience...

And now it is time to say good bye to all our company, M-I-C... see you real soon, K-E-Y, why? because we like you. (chuckle)

For four weeks, I have been dreading this post because what I am suppose to say... for minute I thought it would probably be best to just post as normal about some arbitrary topic. It wasn't until I was driving home from DC that I realized... I can't do that! That would diminish the importance of this experience. Because when I really started to think about this whole experience, I thought "WOW! Since I have been spitting my thoughts every Monday, I have managed to become friends with some amazing gals!" I went from only knowing only 2 of the 5 and the possible to getting to know 3 other great women, who were going through some of the same craziness that I was going through. It is funny how you find comfort in numbers.

Something that started off as just a way get some feelings out, say a few things, talk some ish on a Monday... almost became like sunday brunch with your gal pals. It was like going out for drinks Sex in the City style, well you know without the drinks, the heels, you get my drift? Like late night sleep overs that we don't really do anymore because we grown a$$ women unless we sharing a hotel room, that we wish we still did. I never was one for sororities but was always a fan of the sisterhood once all the hazing was done. And that is exactly how I feel about my chicas at 5 and a possible. We may not all live in the same city or even chit chat with each other on the phone, but when we are in the each other's area... we always say whatsup!

What's up?

I can't speak for the other days of the week but I know that some how from just writing my thoughts and feeling out every week, reading and commenting your thoughts every week has some how drawn us together as friends. Which I have to admit is pretty awesome considering, I was reminded the other day that once you are past a certain age, you don't really make a lot of friends that will eventually become close friends. And I am going to have to agree.

This whole experience has been a GREAT one! Love you guys.... MUCH LUV and PEACE!!

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