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Friday, August 7, 2009

Back That Thang Up

So here at the 5 spot we talk about a lot of things – love, work, relationships, race, etc, etc. But one thing we don’t talk about that much, as another blogger would say, is chex. And I’m not talking about the cereal. But that’s all about to change cause it’s Friday and I feel like getting ignant. And here we goo...

Ladies, what is up with men’s obsession with an@l? No offense to anyone who enjoys it, if that’s your thing, do you whodie… But er gents can I give you some um pointers should you ever plan to broach the whole an@l discussion? Personally, I think it’s something you need to ease into. Literally and figuratively. In conversation and in the bedroom. You can’t just slip it in. While we’re getting it on. Or while we’re enjoying cannoli and donuts for dessert.

Call me old fashioned, but talking about chex makes me blush. I’m not opposed to talking dirty, or telling you what I like, or hearing what you want done, but it’s all about verbiage - so that it’s sexy and doesn’t make me feel like CoCo, the two dollar whore, walking the streets in a mini, halter top, and six inch Come Fcuk me heels, looking for the next John. You know unless it’s clear we at that level of freak-y. If we ain’t, one way we’re not going to get there is with you asking “do you like an@l” or saying something stupid like, “I want a woman who uses three holes.” Next.

You know how they say a woman knows pretty much immediately if she’ll sleep with a man? This is truth. And the more a man speaks, the more it can ruin his chances. And telling me on a first date over some skrimps that you know places in a woman’s foot to make her cum will have me saying, “that's where I'm going to stop you." And check please. Now you done messed up and you definitely ain’t getting none. But if you do happen to not say some dumb shyt, pass the test, and get you some then….

I think I speak for many a lady when I say you ain’t fooling nobody when you’re back there acting like you accidentally put it in the wrong hole. Poking around like we won’t notice. Trying to see how far you can go. But you already know… That type of shyt is liable to get you hurt or at least emit a, “muhfcuka is you crazy?” If that’s what you’re after, you better say something before the lights go down. It can’t be all impromptu. Gotta give a sista some time to get her mind right. Consult the experts. Find out how to do it right. Pop a percocet. I’m just guessing. Tee hee.

Now if an@l is what you’re into – then an open and honest dialogue with your partner, f-buddy, one night stand should be had. Although I suspect if it’s a one night stand,Do you want it on the floor? Do you want it on the chair? Do you want it over here? Do you want it over there? Do you want it in ya pu**y? Do you want it in ya ass? I'll give you anything you can handle,” will probably suffice.

But men please realize that the initial suggestion, no matter how correct you come, may make women squirm. But she also may be curious. And nervous. But she might not be totally opposed to the idea. And so she would need an understanding partner. A gentle partner. And a whole lotta lubrication. I’m just saying. But the surest way to get a hell muhfcukin no is to proposition a woman in such a way that she feel like she’s already been fcuked in the ass before the appetizers come. Unless of course you put your request over a techno beat and have some accompanying dance moves. You might get some laughter and a maybe.

Please put on headphones when listening to video!!

That’s my time y’all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

somebody for everybody?

george sodini was crazy. like a fox. cray cray as rum punch always says.

the shooting on Tuesday evening at the L.A. Fitness in Pittsburgh had all the markings of a crazy person. walking into a dance class full of women at a gym. cutting off all the lights. pulling out your guns. firing off over 40 rounds. killing your self. plain crazy.

but sodini's blog opens up a whole new world of questions while providing some unsettling answers. what happens when the lonliness of a solitary existence eats away at the core of you? when living the single life extends beyond a few months or years and spans decades? what does the despair of being unable to find someone feel like?

from his blog:

"No girlfriend since 1984, last Christmas with Pam was in 1983. Who knows why. I am not ugly or too weird. No sex since July 1990 either (I was 29). No ----! Over eighteen years ago. And did it maybe only 50-75 times in my life. Getting to think that a woman now would just, uh, get in the way of things. Isolated." december 24 2008

"I see twenty something couples everywhere. I see a twenty something guy with a nice twentyish young women. I think those years slipped right by for me. Why should I continue another 20+ years alone? I will just work, come home, eat, maybe do something, then go to bed (alone) for the next day of the same thing." january 5 2009

i feel kinda sorry for sodini. not to take away anything from the deaths of his victims but what a tortured soul. how can it be that a person comes to believe that no one, no woman likes them? that they are utterly and completely undesirable to the opposite sex? more questions without answers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

let's talk about sex...

I’m always amused by the nation’s capital. I consider the District of Columbia the barometer of what is happening to poor black folks. I don’t have to hear what’s going on in the boroughs of NY, or the streets of Oakland. Nope, I get it straight from Chocolate City. If I want to know the state of education with poor black kids, the opportunities for poor black kids, the health of poor black kids…

So today, I found this out, “D.C. school officials are planning to offer tests for sexually transmitted diseases to all high school students in the coming school year, expanding a pilot program that uncovered a significant number of infected children. Washington Post

I think it’s great for the District of Columbia Public School (DCPS) system to offer testing to our young, poor, and disadvantaged youth. I’m even grateful that we don’t have a Republican Congress to contend with that would jeopardize the efficacy of the program as they did the needle exchange program, which exponentially increased the HIV/AIDS population. The program conducted last year at eight high schools found that 13 percent of about 3,000 students tested positive for an STD, mostly gonorrhea or chlamydia, according to the D.C. Department of Health.

“Half of the city's cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea are among adolescents… The program tells us that a lot of students in the public school system are engaging in unsafe sex."

In a 2007 study by the D.C. public school system, 60 percent of high school students and 30 percent of middle school students reported having had intercourse. Twenty percent of the high school students said they had had sex with four or more partners, and 12 percent of the middle school students said they had had three or more partners… The students are given paper bags containing urine collection cups and enter bathroom stalls. Once they get in the stalls, they can choose whether or not to provide urine samples. All the students return the paper bags, so other students do not necessarily know who did or did not provide a sample. Students provide a password and then call in a week later to get their result and treatment, if necessary. Whoever engineered the program at least considered the negative impact peer pressure could pose to students disclosing their acquiescence to testing.

"We have Third World statistics in terms of our HIV issues, and from the HIV perspective, we do need to find a way to identify students so that we can help them," Bellini couldn’t have stated it any better.

So, who loves our kids enough to talk about sex?


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Say You?

Every once in awhile I come across something in life that makes me wonder

“Am I crazy or is this just re-damn-diculous?!”

And I have these moments because some stuff is just so wrong there should be unanimous agreement to the wrongness! And yet some people feel its okay to wear yellow bras under white dress shirts or that macaroni and cheese from a box is the best ever! Both to which Amaretto shakes her head to the left and the right. But I understand that not everyone is me or views the world like how I do so I ask you to read the scenario below and tell me…What say you?

Here’s the scenario:

Your 3 year-old child tells you that they sleep in the bed with your ex and your ex’s new new.

You confront your ex about it because…
1) You want to make sure the child is not mistaken because this is sounds like sheer foolishness.
2) You and your ex had previously agreed that after the child was a year old they would sleep in their own bed, in their own room. And when child is at your house they sleep in their own bed.

Your ex tells you to essentially mind yo business because the three of them are a family now (even though no one is married).

Since murder is not an option what do you do?

When I think about this scenario I wonder how both the ex and new new think that this is acceptable behavior?! Is this cute? Playing house? Are we 6 year olds now?

Why isn’t the ex thinking about possible molestation when we have stories coming out about trust people in the community like priests and foster parents coercing little ones to do things that rob them of their innocence. Can you really trust any one with your child?

If there is a joint custody agreement, is each parent free to do what they want when the child is in their care?

How do you feel about this scenario? And what should the concerned parent do when their ex essentially said that they have no say?

Again, murder is not an option!

See You In Seven

PS. Happy Birthday Rum Punch! And Mr. President too.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Is this a Conference / Booty Call?

- You tell me C?
Chillin' with a few friends and the topic of the show Mad Men comes up. For those of you who have never heard of this AMC show, the show is...
"Set in New York City, Mad Men begins in 1960 at the fictional Sterling Cooper
advertising agency on New York City's Madison Avenue. The show centers on
Don Draper (Jon Hamm), the agency's creative director, and the people in his
life in and out of the office. It also depicts the changing social mores of
1960s America."
...according to Wikipedia.
Usually when the topic of this show comes up I tune it out because I don't regularly watch the show but I have seen a few episodes. Anyway, so a friend mentions that it is so interesting to watch the show because she can't believe how people behaved in the workplace and thank god there are laws to prohibit that sexual type of behavior. At this is point, I cue the perplexed look on my face... like are you serious?
Okay, I will give you the smoking indoors bit... but the flirting and the inappropriate under breath comments have gone nowhere. Sometimes I feel like I am a mute, conservative nun at my job. I won't even comment on the dress code and how at least once a week I have to give someone the side eye. But as far as gossip around the microwave of who hooked up with who at the holiday party, please!
I once, heard a Director say to a lady who was on the floor fixing something, "I always knew that one day this job would bring you to your knees... hahaha" Hahaha? Still waiting for the punch line buddy. Not to mention the fresh out of college chickens who believe flashing their ta-tas and asking for something in a high pitched voice guarantees them a "Yes!" If you ask me nothing has changed working at an ad agency in the new millennium. We are just not as out spoken with it because of those laws.
Can't really speak for other areas of business... did he really just chase her down, pin her to the floor to win a bet on what color panties she was wearing?

Much luv until next week... peace:)