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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What Say You?

Every once in awhile I come across something in life that makes me wonder

“Am I crazy or is this just re-damn-diculous?!”

And I have these moments because some stuff is just so wrong there should be unanimous agreement to the wrongness! And yet some people feel its okay to wear yellow bras under white dress shirts or that macaroni and cheese from a box is the best ever! Both to which Amaretto shakes her head to the left and the right. But I understand that not everyone is me or views the world like how I do so I ask you to read the scenario below and tell me…What say you?

Here’s the scenario:

Your 3 year-old child tells you that they sleep in the bed with your ex and your ex’s new new.

You confront your ex about it because…
1) You want to make sure the child is not mistaken because this is sounds like sheer foolishness.
2) You and your ex had previously agreed that after the child was a year old they would sleep in their own bed, in their own room. And when child is at your house they sleep in their own bed.

Your ex tells you to essentially mind yo business because the three of them are a family now (even though no one is married).

Since murder is not an option what do you do?

When I think about this scenario I wonder how both the ex and new new think that this is acceptable behavior?! Is this cute? Playing house? Are we 6 year olds now?

Why isn’t the ex thinking about possible molestation when we have stories coming out about trust people in the community like priests and foster parents coercing little ones to do things that rob them of their innocence. Can you really trust any one with your child?

If there is a joint custody agreement, is each parent free to do what they want when the child is in their care?

How do you feel about this scenario? And what should the concerned parent do when their ex essentially said that they have no say?

Again, murder is not an option!

See You In Seven

PS. Happy Birthday Rum Punch! And Mr. President too.

1 comment:

Rum Punch said...

Wow! I just came in here to say thanks for my birthday wishes! The Leo in me likes that Pres. Obama came after me. Heh heh.

Oh and that this whole situation is cray cray. My mother knew someone who was in a similar scenario. And they had to go to court. And the father ended up having supervised visits. If you can't bring logic and rational into the situation, then you may have to bring in le law.