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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

He ran a Boston.

He gave it all he got, and he won big.

It was Michelle who reminded urban radio this can’t be close—we’ve got to win! And win he did. The folks who had ulcers, anxiety, and other ailments because they couldn’t figure out the outcome nor the magnitude of election day. The little kids jumped up down and said “Ma, he won New Hampshire!”

He’s rearranged the American map. He's created the chapter on how American campaigns are run in the 21st century. You engage the disengaged. You leave nothing to chance! He encroached on McCain’s territory in the Southwest. Unheard of. The birth of the Confederacy, Jim Crow states – the states Abe fought secession. Blacks knew what time it was. Latinos understood the bigger picture. And they said Black and Brown would never get it together?

There's no recount, no Supreme Court decision, it's American history. We can share the story with our grandchildren. Jesse crying like a baby--because MLK's dream was real. Martin, Malcolm, Medger, Marcus and others are forever remembered. No death was in vain nor forgotten.

My friend Kathy said it felt like New Year’s EVE. She’s calling Mississippi, giving her parents a state by state analysis of what's happening. “Mom and Dad he won Ohio! He’ll be the next president.”

In Spain, they aired our election and didn’t televise futbol.

My God, the world was watching and we didin’t disappoint.

In Ghana, Kenya, South Africa—the African continent prays.

Do you get it?!?

He’s not part of a political scion, wife didn’t come from money. He’s bucked every political myth.

Hard work, sweat, and perseverance—that’s it.
Nothing less, nothing more.

I spoke with Philly, and we reminisced about being in class and kids sharing their what I want to be stories. And how we can’t laugh, dream, or chide the aspiration. It’s real.

Kathy keeps reminding me we’ve got to ride these boys—their future is theirs. Did you see Barack kiss his daughter Sasha, and Sasha returned the kiss back? That wasn’t scripted or staged. It’s real…

I was in a vacuum, driving home from the election party. Folks in the city honking horns, praising him, brothas poppin’ bottles. I didn’t get the chill up my spine until the First Family Elect walked out to Grant Park. And it was another 2 hours later, when the tears strolled down my face because the American papers had their headlines. “Mr. President”, “Oh, Baby!whoo Lawd

It was Amaretto, who sent the text – “praise him.” I phone Rum Punch and said save me a spot in the pews—Bellini’s going to church and if you know me this is rare. I reserve it for christenings, weddings, and other celebrations.
But a celebration it is, so I must go and get lifted!

So, these are the juxtaposition of my thoughts and emotions.



Rum Punch said...

Excellent! Girl, you better come to church on Sunday! Cause you know our chu'ch is bout to be Pres. Obama's new church home. Come before the secret service get there. :-)

Ms. Philly said...

This is just beautiful. The way I feel right now cannot be described.

cinco said...

I too am so overwhelmed that there are'nt adequate words to describe my happiness, my desires or what this means to me, my family and so many others in the long run.

Longevity and peace to our new First Family.