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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Introducing a Possible...Mudslide

Description: I am a man.

Please, Don't Vote!

As most of us head to the polls, we already have in mind who we are going to vote for. We’ve watched every debate, heard every proposed policy, and fairly evaluated the character of each candidate…or have we?? There has been more buzz during this election than I can remember. This is THE election where history could seriously be made. We had the first woman presidential candidate in Hilary Clinton and now the first possible woman VP in Palin. We also have the first black candidate in Obama (sorry Jesse, you didn’t count – although your thoughts on punishment by circumcision lets me know you got some thug in ya…a crazy thug…but I’ll give ya a lil credit). Back to my point…I’ve never heard so many people wanting to vote this time around. But if you are voting for Obama because he is black or voting for McCain because he has a woman VP then you is ignant.

I had a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character… Well, I don’t have four kids, and a may have borrowed that dream from MLK, but that statement says it all. My personal survey shows a good majority of black folks are voting for Obama because he is black. NOT because he is the best candidate. They couldn’t even tell me what issues Obama supports! They pretty much know as much as their co-worker, friend, or stranger on the bus has told them. The same was going on when Hilary was running. A lot of her supporters were on her side because she was a woman. Now woman folks are voting for McCain because of his female assistant. And Palin could be one Clinton intern or Cheney hunting trip away from being President. I understand that you want someone you can identify with, but to vote for someone because they are black or white, male or female, Republican or Democrat is foolish. Would you be voting for Obama if he was white? What about supporting Palin if the first name was Steve instead of Sarah? Whether you are white and voting for Obama or male and supporting Palin, if you are not voting because of their character, but because of their gender and race, then you shouldn’t be voting.

- Mudslide


Woman said...

You make an interesting point here HOWEVER the reasons people vote are completely personal. What may seem logical to you or me may not be to another. I know people who seem to vote purely on the emotional...CRAZY? I KNOW. But hey this is politricks! We know the reason Palin is on the ballot is not because she is the best candidate. You want to believe most people vote based on knowledge but they don’t…and the politicians know it too.

I know very few people who have taken the time to read each candidate's platform, let alone take the time to understand it. Most people rely on the media sound bites. IF you ask me, most people are too lazy to actually take the time to make their decision based on knowledge or research. (How else would you explain Bush’s reign?) And I would bet that most people voting are making their decision based on who they believe will be the best decision for them.

WHAT THAT IS BASED ON? You never know...that is where the personal aspect comes in. Their personal experiences the importance of their end goal and their bigger picture. So although I don't necessarily agree with the reasons others are making their decisions…to say they shouldn’t vote is ludicrous!

If we start prohibiting people to vote based on what someone somewhere deems a valid reason for choosing, then that goes again everything that women and blacks have fought for. It is about time that the act of voting be a common man activity. I hope finding something in common with a candidate inspires you to ask more.


Amaretto said...

Well as we discussed, personally I wasn't on the Obama wagon, I was just jogging along watching everyone else and keeping my ears open.

But now that the powers that be have determined the two I CAN choose from I am voting for Bracky...and if I'm honest with myself it's because he's the anti anglo, er a partial anglo. I mean come on Mudslide! This is our chance! Feel the magic and get caught up in the moment.

We'll deal with our disappointment later when we see ain't too has changed. Oh and I can say now that I like what he's saying about health care and education.

Mudslide said...

Woman, (i like the name)
Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on the post. I dont want to deny people from voting, but rather want people to understand the seriousness of the right and priviledge of voting. I know my thinking is idealistic, but i just feel if someone is going to vote on emotion or inny minny miny mo, id rather them not vote.

mint julep said...

i totally agree with woman. each person's vote is personal and they have the right to vote as they choose even if they vote based on race or some other random quality. i'm voting for Barack on Tuesday b/c he's BLACK!

it is not as if folks just started voting based on emotion or race and not because of the person's character. look at rep. jefferson from nola. his crooked behind bout to be re-elected despite being stripped of his committee assignments due to corruption. back as far as voting in this country goes folks been voting emotionally with little substance to go on. now that a black man is running we gotta have reasons and stuff? somthin ain't right!

Anonymous said...

I don't think the constitution defines reasons for which a person should vote.

The person in the office of the presidency is supposed to indirectly be a representative of what the general populace wants.

So, if what we really want is a black man or white woman, and not someone who represents our views and goals on the economy, war, education, health, etc, then so be it.

Bellini said...

nuff said kamakula--that's all there is to it Mudslide.

And why are you instigating madness with less than 48 hours to go? shame on you!

Mudslide said...

@ Bellini: I just like healthy debates :)

@ Everyone: Lets look at this from another perspective. How would you feel if you were hired for a job solely/primarily because you were black? No one looked at or cared about your qualifications, experience, or skills? Few wouldnt care because they still be gettin paid, but most of us would be upset! How about if you DIDNT get a job because you were black? We'd be crying to Al Sharpton and Jesse wanting to have a march! Given this, why be superficial in our voting? If you are voting for Obama because he is black then that says that you are also not voting for McCain because he is white. Sounds like racial discrimination. (who should McCain call so he can have a march?) Just like there is more to us than the color of our skin and gender, there is more to our presidential and VP candidates. However, just as some of you stated, people can and will vote for whoever for whatever reason, but it doesnt make it right.

My name is Mudslide and I approve this message. (line stolen from Courvoisier...wink)

Courvoisier said...

Who IS this Mudslide fella? (chuckle) I must say you got a sista typing the longest comments ever…where should I start? Hmm….

Who should McCain call so he can have a march?


Why? Well, I am sorry until black people are in a position of control all we have is power in numbers. Especially if the candidates are equal which does not apply in this case, for me.

In the case of equal treatment, I got to agree with Chris Rock.
“…I don’t think I should get into a school over a white person if I got a lower mark on the test BUT if there is a tie, Fvck ‘em!”
We have had enough white leaders because they are white.

This game isn’t new to us, that’s why we come so much harder and so much better. I am more concerned with what we do when we get on top.

Hmm…now does that make you twist your pinky at the corner of your lips Mudslide? (chuckle)