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Friday, October 5, 2007

A Fantastic Journey

Hello World! It’s Friday! Let your weekend commence! Well, not right at this moment, since you’re probably reading this at work, but you know after you work your 8 hours.

So let’s get right to it. Last week I went to a cookout and found myself surrounded by people I had gone to high school with. It was fun, don’t get me wrong, I drank, ate, drank, played Bid Whist, talked shit, drank some more…Do we see a theme here?


As I looked around the deck I saw the faces of boys who are now men (corny, I know) but some of them were really MEN, and looking good, but I digress…I looked at these men and remembered them as boys. And I had flashbacks of having crushes on them, flirting with them, being courted by them, spending hours on the phone with them and being kissed by them. I had flashbacks of when I was the business and just like Mr. Kanye West, Kanyeze as I like to call him, you couldn’t tell me nothing! Just ask Mama Rum Punch about that. She has the gray hairs to prove it.

I had flashbacks of driving in my first car with my friends listening to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill on tape, yes tape, singing the words hard like we really knew what love was all about. I had flashbacks of when I thought I knew it all and then some about boys, love, education, life. Let high school me tell it, I should have been had my shit together by now. I should have a law degree, my own home, a husband (my college sweetheart of course), maybe even a child, depending on how long we had been married, you know because I had it all planned out to have some ‘marriage time’ before our first baby. But let present me tell it, none of those things seem to be in the cards.

So I stood on that deck and remembered high school me (yeah I probably had one drink too many) and thought to myself: what the hell did I know then? About anything? About boys, love, education and life? Not a damn thing, I realized. And what do I know now? About men, love, education and life? You’ll find out…

Welcome to Rum Punch Fridays!

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mint julep said...

tgif for real! my eye is twitching i'm so dang tired from working this week....and tomorrow i'll have to face a situation that i think will resemble your weekend cookout...a party shaping up to be a fake high school reunion. *puts head down on her desk* where's the grey goose? cheers!