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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's not money, your momma or the kids...but those cups

Happy Tuesday Ya'll! Monday is over and done with and I know you are beginning to daydream about the weekend ahead. All you have to do now is get through Hump Day and Friday Eve! Just remember that Tuesdays are rubies and special things happen on this day of the week too. After all there is reading about what is going on in my world. And there are two for one pizza specials at Domino's. And...uh. Wow. That's really all that I've got right now. So let me start explaining about the cups.

So my cousin told me that all it takes to save a relationship is cups. Yes, you did read that correctly! Tumblers, stemware and those red plastics are all a person needs to deal with a vengeful woman or a cheating man. It's time to start marching down to stores for cups people. Ladies-you don't have to slash those tires! Fellas-leave those flowers at the florist!

shrek and donkey are off to save relationships

Okay, so I took a little creative liberty with what my cousin was saying. Her message was truly about compromise. Cousin's husband would wash dishes but he put the cups in the wrong place. She would kindly tell him, in a way that only a woman can, that he had put them in the wrong place. He acknowledged her concern. And the next time, you know what he did ya'll? He still put them in the wrong place! Well understandably, she was ready to divorce him. She had her "Free at Last" dance (that oddly resembled a cript walk) ready. But she realized that he wasn't some fanatic lover of dishes, and probably did not enjoy washing them. Ideally, Cousin's husband would have washed, dried and put the cups in the proper place-but alas the world isn't ideal. So she accepted what he was doing, and so since she had a problem with the cups she would move them. Wow right? Now in my mind I wondered how cup retrieval went down in their household, but I dared not ask. I mean if I tell someone the right way (or at least my way) to do something I don't want to have to clean up after them later-what's the point in that? But she's happy with her choice to quell a minor battle about cups. And over a decade later they are still together...

I realize that this was a strange Hi-my name is Amaretto-first-entry but it's whats on a girl's mind this Tuesday afternoon. You'll learn to bare with me. Dealing with others be it at home, work or just on the street can be a real challenge. Let's be selective in the battles we chose to fight.

See You in Seven,


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