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Thursday, July 9, 2009

let this be a lesson

we all knew it was coming but when the official word came from the NPD, it was still a shock.


from cnn.com -- "The girlfriend of former NFL star Steve McNair first shot him in his right temple, then fired three more shots at close range, most likely as he slept, police said Wednesday. She then sat on the couch next to his body, and killed herself so that she would fall into his lap, they said."

mississippi gotdamn! chick was not playin. you have to be pretty touched in the head to shoot a man while he's sleepin'. then shoot him again in the head. then two times in the chest. and then kill yo damn self!

the whole situation is sad and i feel most for his wife and sons who will now live with the last memory of their husband and father as a cheater. but because of the way he went out they can direct all of their anger at the mistress and not at him. despite all the dippin' and divin' mcnair was doin in the last few months of his life, he didn't deserve to die that way. no one does. how was he supposed to know that when he made a 19 year old dave & buster's waitress his jumpoff she'd flip SO HARD.

granted i guess that's the risk you take when you step outside your marriage but if i remember one thing from torts class, the risk that you would be killed by your side piece while you slept was totally unforeseeable and way beyond the realm of possible outcomes that could have been planned for. one of the "bright spots," if their can be any gleaned from mcnair's death, is that for years to come, his fateful demise will be the exclamation point on many an admonition against infidelity. as married men (or women) gather round the bar on a friday night for an innocent drink before heading home and consider making a pass at some pretty young thing across the room, the wise one among them will lean in close and say, "slow yo roll playa, don't get kazemied!" and maybe each one of them will think twice before they step outside the lines.

what say you?


Anonymous said...

Sad. Just tragic. But when there's such an obvious imbalance of power in a relationship, there's no telling what the party who has nothing to lose will do.

Anonymous said...

Why can't people realize that you should only cheat with someone with as much to lose and who for all intents and purposes does not require your financial support.

People are breaking the cheating rules left and right these days. . .driving around Brazil when they're supposed to be hiking in appalachia. How exactly is your boy supposed to cover that? "Yeah, we were climbing this mountain, then the A-Team swooped over in a helicopter and took him away".

Courvoisier said...

Kamakula - 'cheating rules' now that is a topic... I would love for you to elobrate? (if you read this comment)

This is a first for me... I don't even know what to say about this situation except that I jokingly told Rum Punch I hope we don't find out she shot him because he said he wasn't going to leave his wife. I must say this was a interesting turn of event.

Husband cheating on wife always plays out like this in my head, wife finds out and she shoots the other woman in the face! I might have to switch it now, instead of saying "Please don't make me have to shoot no chick in the face."

I will say "You better keep it real from the gate ma' boy cuz mistresses shooting ya' now a days" (chuckle)

ladyinred said...

May this be a lesson to both men & women that you cannot play with fire without eventually getting burnt. Don't play with people's emotions. I betcha anything she wanted him to leave his wife. He probably finally recognized that instability in her, and was trying to back away slowly. But it was too late...

Another lesson in this is to leave them youngins alone. He shoulda got himself a grown, seasoned, woman. A career mistress. Trust me, they do exist. And are easy for men of his stature to find. The career mistress understands her place and doesn't have unrealistic expectations of becoming his next wife or baby mama. I mean seriously. A 19 year old waitress? Come on man... A local grad student or NFL cheerleader woulda been a smarter choice, if he had to go there.

Anonymous said...

Oh I read your writing Courvoisier. . .that I do ;)

LoL. The cheating rules. . . umm actually they are quite similar to regular relationship rules. . .except you are cheating.

1. Do not be unequally yoked: Cheat only with someone in the same situation. If you are married with no plans on leaving your spouse, you're better off cheating with someone married with no plans of leaving their respective spouse.

2. Date no younger than (1/2) your age + 7. Ok, McNair was 26, she was 20, so she barely made the cutoff. I think this rule needs to be amended with a minimum age of 21.

3. Be honest (lol, yes I know you are cheating on someone but. . .): Don't tell the girl you are leaving your wife for her. Especially when you are Steve McNair. If she can't handle that you'd never leave, you can probably find you some other 20 year old. In fact, it appears young Kazemi suspected that he already did. This leads to rule 4.

4. Don't actively start a new relationship when you haven't ended your old: If you know that you're going to end your relationship, don't hold onto it while you work on starting a new one just so you can have an unbroken stream of people in your life. End it first, then move on.

5. Don't goto sleep without first wrapping her up in your arms: This serves a couple purposes - it could lead to sex or just good vibes with you lovingly holding her as you goto sleep. Plus, if she has to struggle out of your hands to get up, it makes it harder to get shot.

Ok, that last one doesn't really count. I'm probably going to hell for that one.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I knew I was right on #2. For some reason though, when I looked up his birth date, my brain wouldn't do the math right. McNair was 36, and she was 20, so clearly she was below the cutoff. Anyone will tell you, that rule is NOT made to be broken.

Rum Punch said...

I just came in here to say BWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH @ Kamakula. Well that pretty much sums it up. That does seem like proper cheating etiquette - that being an oxymoron aside of course...

Courvoisier said...

Holla!!! Kamakula... LOVE IT!!! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently Arturo Gatti should have been reading these comments.