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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fantasy Dating

Two weeks ago Bellini admitted to watching Buppies, well this week, I am going to admit that I secretly watch "Let's Talk About Pep". I won't repeat, you read right. It wasn't until last week that I figured out why I watch this craziness. I watch it because there is something about four different women getting together and chatting about their different experiences. And no matter how much Kitty from the show makes my skin crawl because she is SO hood, I can't help but watch. It is kind of like the feeling I get when I read everyone's post every week. I am bounding with my girlfriends.

With that in mind ladies, I commence my post this week. Well, you know Courvoisier thought she would give online dating a try... branch out and discover some new circles to run in. It is like playing fantasy dating. You connect online, next comes that phone and you juggle the prospects until one breaks out ahead of the rest. The scores seem to change week by week. Here is the rankings thus far:

1. Semi-colon - Semi is a recent recruit and came out strong! Me likey :) He is the oldest amongst the bunch landing around the mid-30s. He is an avid reader and has proven to be a good writer so far. The brother likes independent movies and recently placed in a city short story contest. None of this was mentioned in his profile so I am intrigued to learned what next.

2. Harlem - He is not an online recruit but a long distance constant. He is a good shoulder. Got my back when needed. Always there when needed but never assertive. I am not sure if he knows quite what to do with me, therefore he slowly inches in like I am going to bite his head off. Rightfully so because you never know. (chuckle) In his defense he has heard me on conference call so he knows the direct Courvoisier.

3. Jimmy 2nd Time-around - I think J2time must be filler dude. (Not that I need one between commuting to NY, the studio and gearing up for a possible move to Boston later this year). Anyway J2time is my age and hasn't dated in a while and completely FVCKed up our first meet and greet. Took everything in my soul to not kick him to the curb. I am already stepping out my comfort zone because you remind me of last dude I give a chance and ended up marrying. So stay tuned, we are supposed to be going to a play this weekend but I will tell you he is still on the bench.

4. Law Student - I had high hopes for Law student, he came out the gates strong and has managed to trail off. On paper is great and we have a GREAT rapport. However, he is way too busy for dating. (rolling of the eyes) OK. Then why are you on match? For the filler? I think so. I really like when law student and I get together but I am not a filler type of chick. (chuckle) Two busy people will never meet unless they open up their schedules. I have control over mine. Law student not so much and if you can't control your own schedule, then I am not sure you will be able to control me. (chuckle) Funny guy though, still wants to chit-chat and call me 'hun'.

5. WT - As open as I am about hanging with other races. I have never been asked out by a white guy or went on a date with one. Well hello! Here comes WT... like "Hey there... Let's meet for drinks." Why am I stuck? Ladies, I have yet to respond to this. Still not sure. I am not trying to waste his time because after all this is fantasy dating, it moves fast, connect, check it out, then you make the decision right there and then to go for it or not. GREAT profile. Deep breath... I am going to respond... stay tuned.

Much luv until next week... peace :)

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