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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Deja vu

November 07, 2000

The results are slowly coming in . . .

New York -- Albert Gore winner
Texas -- George Walker Bush winner
California -- Albert Gore winner
Tennessee -- George Walker Bush winner
Illinois -- Albert Gore winner
Arizona -- George Bush winner
New Mexico -- Albert Gore winner
Utah -- George Bush winner
Maryland -- Albert Gore winner
Florida -- Albert Gore ??? . . . George Walker Bush ???. . .

"CNN would like to report that Al Gore is the winner."

"Fox News reports that George Walker Bush has won the Sunshine state."

************* Albert Gore . .vs. . George Walker Bush ***************
popular vote --- 50,996,119 . . . . . . . 50,456,169
electoral vote --- 266 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 271


Could it happen again?

The Democartic contest for the nomination could see the same scenario.
There is the popular vote and the vote by the superdelegate.

A superdelegate is a muckety-muck of the party (congressman, senators, party charimen, etc.) that casts their vote after the people have cast their own . . .

It's an elitist concept, the logic goes that the sophisticated had to curb the will of the people -- just in case the people get over themselves -- the elites can put them in check.

Barack Obama is winning the popular vote, the most states, but could fall short in the number of superdelegates needed; whereas Hillary Clinton can lose the popular vote, capture the least states, but win the most superdelegates, and continue on to the party's nomination.

things that make you go hmmmm. . .

So, what do you do if deja vu happens twice -- granted I'm not speaking of the national race.

DNC what do you do? What is your position? What are the implications of your decision for party members? Most importantly, how would such a scenario impact the general election? Howard Dean, Chariman of the DNC, claims we will have a nominee before the Denver Convetion. Dean, I'm not sure what leverage you have to make either one of them concede if the numbers are close.
Remember, history has each of their backs!

To Democrats:

If Barack is your candidate -- will you feel slighted if he isn't given the nomination due to superdelegates negating the vote of the people?

If Hillary is your candidate -- will you feel snubbed if superdelegates cast their vote for her, only for the DNC to intervene in the process?

Well, what will you do?




Rum Punch said...

I will take to the streets! Si se puede! Revolution!! LOL! Who am I kidding, I will be in my living room, watching it all unfold...Being an avid fan of the Wire, maybe it has made me more of a cynic, a realist, I don't know but I do know that there is so much shit we don't and never will know about this politics game. I think the bigger question is what will Obama, the Chosen One do? At this point, he seems to have the upper hand and the people on his side...

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

Since this is a country built on democracy (go ahead and laugh, I'll wait..............) you would think that the popular vote would ALWAYS win.

This is scary because I know quite a few people who chose to no longer vote because of the Gore v. Bush election. But they went back to the polls this year and if the same crap happens, watch voters disappear.

Dark & Stormy said...

If we see history (year 2000) repeat itself, we need to take it to the streets. For real. Watching it happen on CNN and talking about it on the street corners and blogging about it won't change a thing. The generations before us did not operate that way...

I will be on capitol hill with my picket signs and sandwich boards.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

^ I'll be right there next to you!

My ex is Obama's National Political director and we were discussing this exact thing the other night.

If it happens Americans need to take to the streets and affect change in our voting system. But realistically speaking, will it work, is the question?

Bellini said...

To all: the real question is "how bad do you want it and what are you willing to give up to get it" -that's true conspiracy theory talk!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Like i told folk back in the day, if Gore had won his home state (my state of Tenn) Fl would have not been important. But no, he cared more about Alaska, Washington, Cali and whales than his home folk. Any who nice blog, let me know if i can roll you and hit me up in my neck of the cyberdirty when u can

Gunfighter said...

I believe that the superdelegates ledged to Clinton will move their support to Obama should he gain the lion's share of popular votes and regular delegates.

It won't do them any good to organize a Clinton nomination if Democrats feel disenfranchised and either don't vote, or vote for McCain out of spite, since Zogby is reporting that a McCain Clinton contest would likely go to McCain anyway.

Just my 2cents

Bellini said...

@torrance stephens: sure add the "5" to your blog roll

@gunfighter: I feel you, but word to the wise -- don't put too much stock into a Zogby polls because his survey methodology lacks randomness,therefore not uber-reliable.