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Thursday, July 10, 2008

p-poppin' in a handstand

I never fully understood the male fascination with strippers. I mean I got it intellectually but I still thought to myself…

yeah…and…is it really that serious?

Granted, strippers can do things that most women simply are unable to make their bodies do, at least not at that tempo or bending it that far back. I know they got skills beyond belief and are flexible beyond what nature intended. But still, stripper smipper.

I’ve been to a male strip show or two in my day and I just came away feeling busted and disgusted. Ok, Chocolate Thunder, you got the pecs, the abs, the gyrations, oh my! but after a while I feel a little violated. I don’t mind if my man or huzband goes to the strip joint so long as he don’t “frequent the booty clubs” too often while we be “raisin’ our own youngin” ya feel me. I prefer a little bit more artistic creativity in my dancers. A little more skill and ability in my entertainers, if you will.

Enter Chris Brown!

If there was a male strip club with 10-20 CBs flippin' and dippin' inside, I'd be there every night throwing my dollar bills in the air. This boy is amazing: half man, half man-with-no-bones-in-his-body! If you haven't seen his live show, I suggest you treat yourself to the good life. The boy puts on a damn good show. I'ma say he’s the best male entertainer out right now. Sorry Usher, you can sang and all but Youngin’ got you on the moves. Usher can dance, but Chris Breezy is a dancer. He has a natural ability that others have to rehearse and practice for hours on end to achieve. In the middle of the show, Youngin’ did this freestyle dancing set, takin it back to the days of .....girl, I must warn you....it's drivin' me outta my mind! YES!

He’s just so cute. I mean really so cute. He's got that shy smile that reminds you that he's only 19, but his moves hypnotize you and your mind goes to how low is that bandana hanging that means he's like a bandit, like like a bandit?

Over drinks later that evening with some guys who continually rolled their eyes as I reminisced over the fabulousness that was C. Breezy it came to me and I offered this analogy.

I said to my homie, you know how it is when you are just dumbfounded when Peaches or Diamond or Bust It Baby down at [insert your local strip joint here] makes her cha cha pull a blunt or whatever other forms of nastiness goes on inside those walls. And you can’t get that shit out your head for the next few days. And every time you hear that song she was twerkin to on the radio you get a back-shot. That feeling right there. That’s me dude. Seriously, I can’t listen to "take you down" without having to pull my car off to the side of the road and pray for forgiveness.

Let me go wash my memory clean of all these carnal thoughts and delete every chris brown joint off my ipod. But ohhh just one last time before I go…*

Ahhh finished…



MrsMeany said...

MJ - Sounds like "you got it bad" for Chris Brown!
(OOPS, my bad, that's an USHER song!)

Jazzy said...

LMAO! I understand completely! He is barely legal but that does not stop the fascination.

Tray said...

lol,yes the boy is a doll! But it's a little gross for me to think about seeing as how I have a nephew that's his age.... I just feel a little dirty. Ok, more than dirty, lol!

JayBee said...

let me find out.

Dark & Stormy said...

Oh yes! He can get it one time. But just once.. otherwise I'd feel guilty for robbing the cradle. Technically he can't even buy me a drank. Lol

Honey Devereaux said...

Oh my!! That little boy better stop. That song just whew!!! Girl I get what you are saying. He was just a cute kid before this song. Then after I saw the video, I look at him in a different light...lol

But he still is to young for my blood.

Anonymous said...

I had a lil Chris crush too b/f he got w/ Rihanna. Then he started looking kinda...OK I am watching the video while I was typing and I got so distracted w/ Chris and that pumping rolling thing he did at the first chorus. OK nevmind I have nothing else bad to say about Chris he hypnotized me until the end of the video.