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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

all kinds of wrong...

My original blog topic centered around education and no -- it had nothing to do with our President.

But then I got this disturbing e-mail with a pdf attachment. So, I decided to open it -- cuz at this point of the day, it's been a slow start... It's raining, my office door was locked, security had to play trial & error w/ keys .... So, why not open the attachment right? Very few instances when Bellini will be wrong, oh i was so wrong...

as you should be used to by now, anything in italics is my reaction...


PLEASE READ - This is not a joke nor is it an attempt to damage a reputation ……..
Name: ______________deleted____________________
Birthdate: ______deleted_____
Tattoos: (a Snake) on his right hand, (teardrop under left eye), Names of family members on his arm - (deleted)
I’m sending this out hopefully to save others from his violent ways and have this danger to society removed from the streets and put were he belongs.
The "Relationship” started out well He was very nice, charming and caring but I would soon find out different. the agent showed up

After a few months I allowed him to move in with me why the hell would you do that?, and that's when things begin to turn for the worst i bet. The
arguments began and it started with just yelling back and forth, and then one day he choked me some Ike & Tina shit. I immediately packed up and moved out of my home get the fcuk outta here. He called trying to get back together and I agreed only to meet with him to talk stupid is as stupid does.

When we did meet he started making threats about things that he would do to me and my family members if I refused to a take a ride with him. beyond belief @ the gullibleness -- is that a word?
After a couple hours of riding and talking he started driving north on I-95. When I asked him where we were going he told me that he was going to visit family. That day he kidnapped me and took me to ________________________ from __________________, where I had no family or friends. I was always under his watchful eye and unable
to call my family until a few days later from a pay phone. I alerted my family informing them of my whereabouts,and that I was unharmed about damn time, did you tell your uncles to bring Boo & 'em. He kept me there living in a room with his family for four months did your ass have a job???.

He made sure I had no money and he took the car every time he left. duh, he's a psychopath When I finally got the courage to leave and go home, that would be the night that I would fight for my life. He found four dollars in my wallet and that was all it took. He stabbed me, tried to set me on fire and finally he shot me. He aimed for my head and I pushed his hand and when the shot was fired so I was struck in the neck, instead of my head. I was shot point blank range with a 9mm handgun. The bullet missed my spine by a fraction of an inch. I have been left with physical and emotional scars ya think.

I was a victim of a very violet domestic crime and I am blessed to be alive.
This man is currently on the run for 2 attempted murders in _________________________, hitting a child while driving in _______________, and numerous other charges ranging from Federal Threats, Kidnapping, Robbery, Assault & Murder.

He has been seen and has family in: _________________________________________ !!!!!
This man is known to be a part of the DL - DOWN LOW community (men who sleep with men)shit don't get no better. There are photos of him in the act with different men (too much to show here) But it’s true, I found this out after my ordeal!!! . This man is extremely dangerous and needs to be off the streets ASAP. In the event you have seen him or know someone that may be involved with him, PLEASE report him to your nearest police department – Very Important (do not say anything about this to him, for your own safety) just dial 911!!!

why? this is just too much on a rainy day... ususally, i tease things apart for folks, but not today. Bellini can not entertain the foolishness today.

Ladies all I will say is if you love yourself, certain bullshit can not and will not happen in your life.




Anonymous said...

I believed it until the end about the guy being on the DL.

Here is the recap. Man meets woman and moves into woman's place. Man chokes out woman. Woman leaves, but after phone call returns, only to be kidnapped and taken to Man's family where she is kept by Man (AND his family) and not allowed to leave. (IE man leaves but fam keeps her in check). She finally contacts her fam, tries to escape, and gets stabbed AND shot. Point blank. With a 9mm (i'd have been more impressed if it was a magnum...).

THEN, she finds out AFTERWARDS he's been fucking other men. Presumably while she is recuperating in the hospital from her gunshot and stab wounds, some good samaritan drops in a package containing man's outstanding warrants, dossiers on his baby mamas, his federal indictments, and photos of him fucking other men).

Despite the numerous cops and feds looking out for this guy, some random person managed to compile that much information on him, including his name, known associates, family, tatoos, and anatomical description down to the mole on his dick.

It get's no hilarious than this. If it was me, I security would be running back to my office trying to find out if I'd died or just fallen out of my chair gasping because I was laughing so hard.

Bellini said...

@kamakula: lmao @ your recap -- well put! folks we've just got to do better...