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Monday, March 15, 2010

29 Hearts Music Videos and Late 30s Men

Funny how when you turn 29 people start talking about 30 like it is the second coming. A older friend who just turned 40 said to me last week... everyone I know when they when they turned 30 lost it. I was like "what?" First off, I have like a whole 9 more months until I turn 30 but I am SO stoked! Then another friend of mine, tells me when she awoke on her 30th birthday, a weight was lifted off her shoulders and she felt just a little bit wiser. Oh for real? I think I feel that everyday.

Maybe this phase I am going through will get old but for now, I am enjoying dating men in their late 30s who think I am in my early 30s until I miss all the references from the 70's. (chuckle) Got to admit, this black, late thirties-no kids man is intriguing. Respectable and equally as intrigued in my crazy, seemly doe eyed-but not, approach to life. (chuckle) It is a bit difficult to navigate though, so in this type of situation, I feel most vulnerable but most comfortable. Awkward I know. Props to Semi-colon, going five weeks strong.


Question to you: When did Car note become a ghetto term?

I used it at work and some whites folks tried to tell me it was not a common term and it fact, it was "Ghetto slang" I wonder if they would have thought that if it came from Blonde hair, Blue eyed Betty from accounting? Just curious. I am the last one to feel some kind of way about race but are you serious... Car Note? Do you know what a note is? Even me quoting from the dictionary, these chicks wanted to believe that J Lo's song Get Right was a better source. And since they heard in a rap song, "Bar tab lookin' like a car note" it must be ghetto slang. (sigh) Before I start sounding like Amaretto and it is Monday. I am going to leave it there!


I have never watched a music video and thought the song was distracting until now. ***NEWS FLASH*** Lady Gaga if you are coming up with the storylines behind all of your videos you are missing your calling. Don't get me wrong, I love your songs and I L-O-V-E your style but the songs are like Bs and the videos are like A+s. Either bump-up the quality of the songs (and I don't mean just add the hottest artist right now to the track)... or just look into making videos for other GREAT songs. If you ask me, you might be able to revive the thing that use to have me dancing in front of the TV as a child. I will do it, I swear 29 and all - sweats and pumps! Lady Gaga don't let them move your cheese!

For those of you who missed it... LOVE It!

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