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Thursday, August 28, 2008

girlie get your gun

Breathe deep. Bend down. Pick it up. Place it against my shoulder. Breathe deep. Wait.

Ok ya’ll. Get your sight. Ready. Aim. Fire.

Squeeze Finger. Close Eyes. Squeeze Finger Tighter.

Pow. Pow. Pow.

So went my first time...shooting a gun.

This weekend I went to the shooting range with some co-workers. Mainly because I’ll try almost anything at least once. And I wanted to see what guns were all about, having never touched a real one, at least not without a plastic evidence bag between my fingertips and the cool metal.

Until this weekend, guns scared me. I didn't grow up with a grandfather who hunted. My grandaddy liked cars and pull your own part junkyards. Not a single family member owned a gun, as far as I knew. To me guns = dangerious weapons. That hurt and kill people.

But I had to rethink my stance on guns recently due to a couple of events. When I moved to the N.O. a few months back, a friend suggested that I get "a pistol" and I seriously considered it. What if somebody tried to run up on me in the mean streets of N'awlins? "I'm a public defender" might not do the trick to ward off someone bent on taking something from me. But then I thought about Nikki Red.mond, who bought a gun for protection from a stalker and ended up on trial for the murder of her boyfriend after she shot that same gun in fear of her life. Having a gun readily available in a moment of intense passion or rage might get somebody kilt. All the admonitions that tis better not to have a gun around because you're more likely to get shot with your own gun really stuck with me and I pushed the idea of gun ownership to the back of my mind.

Then the opportunity to actually go shoot guns came up, I decided to give it a go, you know the whole try it once thing. After my round at the range, my immediate thoughts were that I'd never shoot a gun again. I didn't get the thrill out of it that some of my colleagues did but I didn't shoot my eye out either. After some reflection, I have to admit that with each shot of the gun. my fears were lessened and I might just try it again sometime. Although the 9mm has way too much kick for a sista, I'm seriously thinking about a cute little pearl-handled revolver.

Round these parts you don't need a permit to own a gun, just enough gumption and money to make your purchase. Which means than way more people that I thought are packing. Mayhap I should too.

What say you?


Rustmeister said...

Congrats! Even if you don't become a regular at the range, overcoming any fear is a step in the right direction.

If you do get more into the gun thing, make sure you get familiar with the laws in your state/city.

You may not need a permit to buy a gun, but you'll most likely need one to carry it loaded.

Amaretto said...

LOL! I love the picture! Do it kittie! Do it!

I feel similar to how you use to feel about guns. I've declined many gun range explorations.

While I feel facing fears in important I think people should have healthy fears about somethings...like rattle snakes, clowns, chicken gizzards and guns.

MadRocketScientist said...

I try to avoid having fears, and instead have a "healthy respect" for things like rattle snakes, clowns, heights, and guns.

A fear encourages you to avoid something, a healthy respect encourages education, caution, and care, and allows you to function around such things.

People who don't have a healthy respect for guns get careless with them and then they, or their loved ones, get hurt.

DirtCrashr said...

With knowledge comes power and with that greater responsibility and sensitivity - if you drive a big truck you need to be more watchful and caring of the little squishy cars.
Fear needs to be healthy and adaptive, not just reflexive and knee-jerk. Simple fear of the gun turns its power and mystery against you.
But fear of a Demon Clown Spawn of Hell is truly necessary for there is no arcane knowledge or modern psychometric that will make the Evil that a Clown brings bearable.
A snake is a cold-blooded animal, chicken gizzards taste nasty, guns are tools and a bit scary like a chainsaw - but a Clown is a Tool of Satan. :-)

Rum Punch said...

I think I'm w/ madrocket scientist, about having healthy respects. I would be down to go to the range a time or two, but I doubt I would carry or have a gun in my house. Although my mind flashes back to episodes of Designing Women when Susan Sugarbaker would carry that big ol' pistol in her purse! Classic! And that pic of the kitty ready to fire=hilarity!

Sevesteen said...

If you think you might carry, find a reputable trainer first--Even if your state doesn't require training, and even if you aren't sure you want to. It will give you a better idea of the responsibility required, and help with the decision. Not everyone who can carry should.

"More likely to be shot with your own gun" and similar statements almost always include convicted felons--Felons are many times more likely to be shot than normal people. It isn't difficult to handle guns safely--Follow the four rules of gun safety, you'll have to screw up at least two of them at once to hurt someone.

And be aware that caliber isn't the only thing that determines kick--Small size also makes a gun kick worse. My wife carries a tiny little .380. It has a little more than half the power of a 9mm, but because it is so small and light, it is also nastier to shoot than much more powerful and heavier guns.

I'd like to see more women shooting and carrying--you are more vulnerable to attack than I am. I believe that every woman who stops an attack on her with a gun also stops other attacks on other women in the future.

cinco said...

Go for it. You're an adult. Behave responsibly and continue to practice @ the range.

JayBee said...

i say get one. we need to talk about that whole stalker thing....