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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

is naivete to blame?

Recently, I had a conversation with my waxologist and another client centered around celebrities and their drug addiction. Don't ask me why, but we had this triangular conversation about celebrities and their access to all types of vices. So, of course drugs came up and we went through the list: crack, cocaine, heroin, Valium, ectasy, etc. And I'm adamant about not touching, inhaling, sniffing, smoking, and shooting up drugs. I mean DARE (Drug A* Resistance Education -- I don't remember what the A stands for -- sorry) schooled me well and my monumental fear of fooling with a substance that could overpower me and my life, and I'd be remissed if I didin't mention I do have a Type A personality. So, no thanks. Now, what was interesting about this conversation is that my waxologist was on some other shit.

She professed her curiousity of all the substances listed above. The alleged high Valium provides, the potency of heroin, etc. . . I mean she might as well have been a junkie of the vicarious nature. I was shocked and baffled all at the same time. Didn't you sign a petition during DARE vowing to not partake of any substances. Obviously my favorite drink is Bellini -- the effervescence keeps me light and bubbly, but never in a stupor. In my mind, I'm hoping and praying she never finds herself in a predicament where drugs are readily available. And then I think about the irony in life, she could probably ride drugs heavy and still be the most functional waxologist in all the land. And if it was me... nope -- I'd be the one strung out, hair matted, teeth missing-- you get me drift.

And in between my waxologist and myself is the other client. We were allies in our joint crusade to never touch the powders or inhale the gases. Her conviction rests in personal experiences of having family members as former addicts. So, she saw up close and personal the effects of drugs. My waxologist wasn't fazed though...she seemed indifferent to her client's experiences.

What happens from childhood to adulthood that renders our childhood experiences irrelevant or invincible? I get it life happens, but that answer isn't good enough for me. And perhaps my naivete has gotten the best of me?




Anonymous said...

The "A" is for Abuse.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i think they look at drug abuse as an attention getter and as being retro chic

whats a waxoligist - floors or cars?

Bellini said...

@anonymous: thanks-- i couldn't remember

@torrance: interesting i dunno, ain't nothing chic about drugs. oh and neither, a waxologist waxes body parts-- which ones I'll keep mum

Rum Punch said...

This is interesting because when I worked at the strip club I got an up close and personal look at addiction. Maybe I'll write about that some day. But what I saw was a spectrum ranging from tried & true addicts, people who were functional addicts, and people who dabbled because everyone was doing coke and it was sooo fun. There was a general laissez faire attitude about doing drugs. It's like 'I'm doing it,' you should do it/try it to, matter of fact here have some of mine. And that's how it all starts w/ curiosity. It's just some people get in too deep.

Tray said...

I've never been one to be curious about drugs. I think alcohol is enough for me if I wanna be in another state of mind. And most times, I can't even deal with that! As I get older, I've decided that I'm just not a drinker, so I'm *sure* I'm not one for other things. I just can't hang, lol

Maria said...

It's funny you should bring this up because it reminds me of what one of my mentors told me today. She said that the difference between an emotionally healthy person and an emotionally unhealthy person is that the emotionally healthy one deals with their problems in a "healthy" way.

Thing is, who's to say what's unhealthy? Where does the line get drawn? Is there a difference between a person who is "addicted" to loving a drug addict and a person who is "addicted" to loving a person with no ambition? Is there a difference between using alcohol to temporarily fix your problems and using heroin to temporarily fix your problems? Is it an emotionally "healthier" thing to drink a bellini or a shot of grey goose? Or does it really just depend on your personality, so it's subjective and thus doesn't have a definitive answer?

My bad if I' heeing and hawing. The convo with my mentor really stuck with me.

Bellini said...

@tray: you're not in the club alone-- i'm right there with you

@maria: you got a lil' deep on me and the psychoanalytic in me wants to go there, but i reckon i shouldn't-- i'll have to mull over your words a lil' while longer...