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Monday, September 1, 2008

Private Little Secrets

Happy Labor Day y’all!
Hopefully everyone is enjoying the day.

For my first post, I thought it was would be nice to share a little about myself, divulge one of my little private secrets. I can’t really take all the credit for this fun little ice-breaker so I will share my sources.

A while ago…I came across this book called Post Secrets. The book is published by Frank Warren and authored by anonymous individuals. It is compiled of homemade postcards that are sent with little private secrets on them.
From the first day I heard of this book, this concept has always fascinated me. It is so addictive. I started reading and I just couldn’t stop. It is one of those books where you don’t have to read it in any particular order. You can just pick it up, turn to a page and read—read for five minutes or for five hours. I love it!

WHY am I so amused? I guess, there is some comfort in knowing that we all have secrets and
secrets could be as simple as…

“Everyone thinks I drink coffee…I hate coffee. It’s really grape kool-aid.”

Or as disturbing as…

“When my husband cheated on me, my best friend told me if I was meeting all his needs, he wouldn’t be cheating on me. After my divorce, I had sex
with her husband.”

(All of these are quoted from Frank’s latest book.)
Made me think…what would my postcard say?
I kno…

“When nobody is home…
I put on one of my funky pumps And dance naked in the mirror”


I told you one of mine…it’s your turn to share one of yours.
(Maybe we will make the next book.)



cinco said...

I bring home (steal) office supplies often- no real logical reason why.

Anonymous said...

im not sharing a secret, but this reminds me of that video "dirty little secret" where the ppl hold upp the cards and what not.

Eb the Celeb said...

so that pic that you have here... is me all the way...lol

but shhhh dont tell nobody

OuttaBoundz said...

I LOVE that book...I was strolling through Barnes & Noble the other day...when the cover caught my attention. As I started flipping through it, I couldn't put it down. I spent about 2 hours reading through all those secrets...and going through a range of emotions all the while. Great Book!