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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

they're tried, true, and tired

The cowboy party is on a roll or so they think. I don’t even know what their identity is anymore? Abstinence-only, pro-lifers, fidelity, infidelity—not to say the Dems don’t have their own shit to contend with, but the Reps have always been so feisty about their way or the highway. Now, you have the alleged maverick in John McCain selecting PWT (you guys are smart figure out the acronym) Sara Palin… oh he’s made the rednecks proud. But, I think it’s going to take more than the rednecks to win the vote.

So, McCain is gambling on burned Hillary voters to still feel singed and not whole-heartedly accept her speech. But, Sara Palin is no Hillary and he’s undermined the utility of his ticket with his VP selection. Furthermore, the ill- timing of it all adds to its farcical nature. McCain, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Obama was going to bring a white man to his ticket. So, if you wanted to buffer the ill-effects of choosing Palin, you would have announced Palin as VP awhile ago if you were a bold, visionary and all.
Memo to McCain: The problem with Palin is that we know too much and yet we don’t even know her ass. And with one vice-presidential debate scheduled (and my girl Gwen Ifill is the moderator –so watch it on her behalf) and 9 weeks remaining to election day—time is not on your side.

Since, Hillary played her part in Denver, this election will be determined by wooing white men and independents. Sorry folks, but I got to give it to you straight no chaser. The polls have yet to tell us what is the composition of these independents, but my hunch is the economy preoccupies their mind. I for one, am an independent and when I see the McCain/Palin option on the ballot I will need to muster the strength not laugh at the caricature in my mind while in the voting booth. Hilarity at its best!

Although, last night was Day2 of the Republican National Convention—it felt like Day1. America’s First Lady spoke in red feigning defiance but whatever she was selling… I ain’t buying – claiming she’s behind Governor Sara Palin—Laura Bush doesn’t even look she would invite the chick to the ranch in Crawford. No matter what the GOPers are doing they’re down in the trenches fighting to get up. Hurricane Gustav ravages through the Gulf Coast like clockwork –as if it’s Katrina part deux divine intervention if you ask me—definitely casting a pall over McCain’s ticket. If you believe in signs than that was an ominous one, poor McCain I don’t think he’s temperament can take any more shit. Can't wait 'til the debates.



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