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Monday, September 29, 2008

Technology Dependency Time-Out

I was going to kick this week off with this great lamb recipe I tried yesterday or how it feels to be a married woman without kids in a room surrounded by married women with kids BUT…something happened two days ago that shook my world a little bit hence those topics will have to wait.

So what is it that shook you up, you say?

Well, I was heading North on 1-95 and my cell phone starts trying to sync with my laptop. Ba-beep! Ba-beep! Now paranoid Courvoisier starts thinking…what the heck, my laptop isn’t in the car nor did I activate that function…is someone trying to hack into my PDA? LOL. Then CCC (cool, calm and collect) Courvoisier thinks…hacking is very unlikely, since you are doing like 75mph in a car…just cancel the function. So I did that and the cell phone possesses a mind of its own and starts to sync all over again. Like I told it to do that. It was unreal. I was having an iRobot moment with my Palm on 95.

At this point, I am like just take out the battery and soft restart that bad boy. Which I also did but when it restarts it starts syncing again! There goes CCC out the window, somewhere between exit 21 amd 22 at 80 mph! My phone has lost it and so have I! For those of you who don’t know me, my PDA is my saving grace, it holds way too much information about me. I would have much rather lost my wallet.

Okay...so forget about the baby shower I am supposed to be at because I CAN’T CALL them to explain the situation. I am now on a mission to find the nearest Sprint store and by chance I find one but it is closed. I have no idea where I am in PA and once again I CAN’T CALL 411 to find the nearest Sprint store. So I decide, let me see if this guy in the Verizon store could help me out. This fool is going to look at me, and say,

“You do know you are in a Verizon store, right?”

It took everything in my soul to repeat my question, which was, “I am not familiar with this area, my cell phone is malfunctioning, do you know where the nearest Sprint store is?” Because what I really wanted to say was,

“You don’t say?”
then smack him with my palm across his head in hopes that it would reboot itself.*

Ahh, it was over! Courvoisier has been defeated. No phone. I went to the party and I went home. When I got home I started looking up a Sprint store that would open on Sunday to repair my phone because I didn’t think I could function without my cell phone for 24 hours. I also called the most important people I know so they could not only have my home number but tell me what it was.

Then sometime before I fell asleep and woke up Sunday morning, I decided maybe this break from technology is what I need. Break the dependency. The last time this happened I panicked and had a new phone in hours. This time as much as I wanted it to go the same way, it was not going to be the case.

Sunday turned out to be an interesting day. It was very refreshing...once I got over the fact that I didn’t really lose any information. (CCC is too cool to not have a back up.) It was so refreshing that I am going to take my time getting my phone fixed. I will let you know next week when the refreshing feeling wears off!

This weekend just served as a reminder, to loosen up on the technology dependency. We are fully able of functioning without it.

Happy Monday Y’all!
Peace ☺

*Apologizes to the young boy in Verizon, I was really frustrated.

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