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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trouble the Water

It resurrected all the feelings and emotions that I buried post-aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The disdain and contempt I felt for government. The patience I pray New Orleanians have, but if they don't I understand too. So, I forced myself to see go Trouble the Water, the documentary about a New Orleans family-- the Roberts from the 9th ward pre and post Katrina.

First it was determination I'm not leaving my home, I've beat every storm and I'll beat this too, then drive just to stay alive as they huddled in the attic with an abated food supply, 5 children, 2 elderly, and a house over 50% submerged in water. Mrs. Kimberly River-Roberts, 24, uses her cell phone to call 911 and the exchange went like this-- "We need help can you come and get us? Ma'am they're not rescuing anybody today, But we have children... so are we going to die?" Damn, can you imagine? But the Roberts were down, just not out.

So, Mr. Roberts gets out in the deadly waters (can't swim) and waddles through the neighborhood looking for help. President Bush had closed down the naval base in New Orleans due to the 2005 BRAC Act-- Base Realignment and Closure. Now if you know a thing or two about military bases then you know there is housing for military families on the base. So, the New Orleans Naval base was scheduled to be closed, and the barracks were empty; logically housing civilians in a time of crisis would make sense-- right? Let's just say the Roberts and company were told if they didn't get off US Government property, they'll have no choice but draw their AK-47s and shoot.

Go see it, so that history remains fresh on the brain and that you don't lose perspective in life. And feel fortunate that in this instance a spectator or outsider doesn't get the chance to write/rewrite history for your consumption. Luckily, for us Kimberly purchased a camcorder off the street for $20 and worked it. And if you're lucky like me, you'll get to meet the Roberts and maybe even the producers.




Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this. It's coming to Indy in November. And the best perk of all, that theatre has a bar and lets you bring your drinks in to the movie. Wine and a good documentary film.... Can't wait!

Bellini said...

Must be nice to have a 2 for 1. Let me know what you think of it.