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Thursday, September 25, 2008

we is a beautiful thang

I'm not married yet, but like every single gal under the sun, I've developed a few opinions on how thangs ought to be when i do jump that broom. Mind you, these opinions aren't based on fantastical musings as mint julep drifts off to sleep each night. Rather they've been gleaned over years of non-matrimonial relationships of which i've been a part and my observations of married folk nationwide. One such trueism that I've seen confirmed time and time again - A wife should never, eva....eva eva join in other folks talking down about her husband.

Case in point. Last Saturday I attended a co-worker's football party, trying to be social and meet the peoples of the office, well the peoples of the caucasion persuasion this time. There I was cheering for the home team like it was my alma mater. Downing flaming dr. pep.pers and something we created called a bluerdi like a sorority girl. During a lull in the debauchery, a few of the co-workers began to lament the departure of Sarah. See Sarah's husband had recently moved to D.C. for a new job and the plan was for her to follow him there in a couple months. And understandably Sarah was not too happy about leaving the office.

The back story is that Sarah met Peter while they were working together in the City. Sarah went to grad school far far away and then a couple years later, Peter followed Sarah and enrolled in grad school as well. Somewhere along the way Sarah and Peter got married. Sarah gets a great job doing what she loves but when Peter graduates a couple years later he can't find a job doing what he loves in the far far away place. But he does find a job in DC, so he takes it and waits for Sarah to join him. But like I said Sarah is still here in far far away land.

Cut to Saturday's party. Dick and Jane, two of Sarah's bestest friends on the job are crying in their cups of beer about how lame it is that Sarah has to go and why can't she just stay, fcuk Peter and his new job. Dick and Jane are pretty much on some make his lame ass come back here Sarah, you wear the pants honey!

Now instead of Sarah putting Dick and Jane in their places for talking smack about her man, Sarah joined in. Like really joined in. She pretty much co-signed on everything Dick and Jane were saying. She laughed at their jokes and made a few of her own: I bet at this very moment, Peter is in Madam's Organ having a beer in some liberal pub lamenting the gentrification of D.C. unaware that he is gentrification. he he haw haw. Hi-5's from Dick and Jane. Then Sarah pulls out her cell phone and says, Let's prank call him! Jane gets on the phone yelling/crying for Peter to bring his ass back/let Sarah stay.

Pure craziness!

It's quite alright to joke wit yo mamanem bout how hubby forgets to take out the trash. Or laugh over drinks with your girls about how lovably nerdy you think your man is. But when you get a kick in when he's been pushed to the ground by your friends, that is just foul! That's your husband. You're his wife. Ya'll are a unit. You should support him in the streets even if you kick his ass behind closed doors when y'all get home. Sarah needs to suck it up and carry her happy ass to DC. Peter moved for her so now it's her turn. Tough cookies if you don't like it. You do it because you are a we!

Nothing should come between that. Especially not your words and antics in supposed jest while you're allegedly drunk.

what say you?

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Anonymous said...

"lets prank call him"? these are grown people you are talkin about?