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Thursday, December 25, 2008

home for the holidays

merry christmas! [insert niceties here].

up until a few days ago, I was planning to spend this Christmas at my new home away from home with my landlady and my chef neighbor. but grandmama was not havin' that and she persuaded [read: commanded] me to come home for Christmas. and I'm glad I did. nothing like mama's collard greens, playing monopoly with my sisters and and watching my niece open her presents to remind me why it's always good to be home for the holidays.

but next year i'd like to have an "unconventional" Christmas in a place I've never been where the weather is around 80 degrees or so. somewhere I have to take a flight to and pack a bikini for. obama-style although Christmas in hawaii has been on my list way before barack came on the scene. rum punch be my witness. but since hawaii will probably now be to christmas what miami is to memorial day for the ybf crowd maybe i'll switch to grenada or st. martin.

where would you go on your unconventional Christmas?

happy holidays!


Courvoisier said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Ever since I left for college, nothing has ever been traditional/conventional about my Christmas. We are always traveling as a family LA, NY, Philly, Miami Beach etc. Warm weather Christmas is the norm for my folks.

mint julep said...

@courvoisier, your christmas' sound cool. i've always wanted to travel away from home for the holidays. maybe next year i will.

Anonymous said...

Next year it will have to be RIO. I will find a Christmas tree in the Amazon.