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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Last Angry Black Woman?

Back in the day I worked as a teller. Two years of my life were spent counting out cash and depositing checks sometimes three or four times more than my monthly salary! Needless to say, after while I become dissatisfied with my existence as a bank employee…and the longer I endured the more I noticed the division within the branch. The teller line was made up of five minority women, one from the Philippines, one from Mexico, and the rest were sista girls from the good ole United States of America. But the branch manager and the client services associates who opened the new accounts and certificates of deposit were white…

So when an Asian lady called one of my sista girl co-workers a nigger and drove off because she wouldn’t deposit a 3rd party check for her…the branch management had a difficult time understanding why we were calling Al and trying to hold a march without hearing the customer’s side of the story first. And of course the customer’s story had undergone a few edits when threaten to have her accounts closed… as the customer recalled it she said that my co-worker could have been nicer. Say whaaaaaaaat? Black folks know the difference between nigger and nicer. The woman could barely speak English but she knew how to spew the hate…and she wasn’t on some rapper-drop the “er” nigga tip…it was nigger in all of it’s ignorant glory!

Oh and the moral of the story ya’ll was that after this conversation…the customer’s accounts remained opened. Because really, we all know money talks and bullsh*t walks, and minority folks just have to deal with it when it hits the fan.

Bellini’s post last week got me to thinking about this incident at the bank again and how allegedly we now live in a post-racial society. An era of good feelings-where people see each other as people and by the conduct that comprises their character. Um. But, I still live in America. I know with Obama elected I should be getting over some stuff, but I still think that the prejudices that have patterned the American fabric have become deeper more intricate threads in our societial makeup since the night of November 4th.

Now I don’t know how many of ya’ll have experienced clear and apparent racism, the bank fiasco was the first time that I was aware of it going on so blatantly. But in these days and times I feel like I am the last of the skeptical Black folks left. I Stand on a soapbox in a vacant lot. I feel like I alone still think the man has it out for my fragile community. I guess because I haven’t forgotten
Miss Evers’ Boys and I still wonder how crack could devastate generations of families in a decade.

But I wonder if I am just being overly sensitive. In this post racial world, I wonder if I let my angry Black woman unnecessarily ooze out when a white co-worker assumes that my black coworker lives in an apartment when I know she’s a homeowner who drives a Porsche. And the debating continues when an Asian girl at Lee Kim Nail says a college in Richmond, VA has a lot of Black people there. Not that there is a problem with that, but she prefers a school in the country not the city. Hmmm, well if that is your preference, then why not just say that? Why did you have to bring up how many black students attended…if it weren’t a problem? And though I wanted to punch her in her mouth, I wasn’t trying to mess up my $15 manicure. And since she saw me sitting there surely she didn’t mean anything by what she said-I mean no one is that ignorant anymore. Maybe I am just being too emotional, maybe there are a lot of Black people at that school and she was just saying…

Even with Obama-elected and believing in the saving power of Jesus, this girl’s words made me angry. I was offended. And hurt. And I haven’t let it go yet. And in the post-racial world where we all sing Kumbaya, I am confused about what I should do with these feelings of anger I sometimes have as a Black woman living in America and how should I reconcile them with being an American.

See You In Seven


Bellini said...

lemme shary this story w/ folks: an acquiantance of a friend informed her that her son had been called a nigger by a white boy at a very prestigious private school whose family is a political scion... during the meeting with the school's administration, the headmaster couldn't comprehend their fiery outrage... "Jacob, didn't know any better." Hmmmm... but the acquaintance was fully aware who the boy's family was, so she wasn't sure if the headmaster was trying to sweep it under the rug be'cuz she didn't understand or be'cuz she know who the boy's family is??? These are these stories & more that don't get told and that the mainstream thinks we're hallucinating if we retell it... which is why we have to be vocal and speak up and educate our kids about our history, so they are equipped with the knowledge to know and understand when they are beind denied.
mo' food for thought: it is not happenstance that every Jewish child is fully aware and can inform you about the Holocaust and the impact it had on their family tree by the age of 6!

@amaretto: i feel your pain, however the problem with being angry is that it is a useless emotion unless it becomes a catalyst for some good. But to be angry and allow it to fester is not healthy on any account.

Anonymous said...

Amen Bellini! That is so true...it is not a happenstance.

Amaretto: We have to channel that energy for something positive. It is my hope that as generations come up, we ALL know our history and have a clear perspective on our current circumstance. Meaning, people will be more careful of what is said and we are more careful in our reaction.

Amaretto said...

@ Bellini and Anon: So ya'll ain't trying to march with me? Or swear off all things white including printer paper, sugar and milk? Let's all be angry and counterproductive together! It'll be fun I promise.

Bellini said...

@amaretto:you's a sarcastic,cynical fool! LOL

@Anon: don't reply back!

Anonymous said...