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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

are you serious?

Some of us are miserable assholes, pitiful, pathetic… I mean we’re just not happy. Worst of all, we continue to stupidly think somebody owes us something…B**** please! So, now we have Amnau Eele of the Black Artists Association feeling slighted because the First Lady has not worn attire by a black designer. She launched her fusillade of attacks within 24 hours of the Inauguration. Are you serious? So, we couldn’t even be happy for a week – I see? Nope, too much like right. So, when our President and First Lady got their boogie on that radiant night, you were just fuming with disgust?

I thought black folks got the memo during the Democratic primary that President Obama ran to be President of the United States of America. I thought blacks folks understood that by virtue of having the 44th president be a black man, change is finally coming. Black folks we are finally getting’ access. I thought I would save my spiel for Black History Month, but it seems the situation warrants I speak right now.

There are and will be all kinds of black folks who will finally gain access. For starters, we have Reggie Love – Personal Assistant to the President, Desiree Rogers—White House Social Secretary, Valerie Jarrett—White House Advisor, Dr. Susan Rice—United Nations Ambassador, and dozens of black aides that we just don’t know about yet. And with future presidential and state campaigns, their expertise and counsel will be called upon. And let’s not dismiss the fact that there is a whole generation of black kids who will only know and grow up with a black president (yeah, I’m banking on him having 2 terms already—I gotta keep it real wit’cha). Two friends all had babies this month, boys at that --and I reminded the parents that their sons have been born in unchartered waters. You have black parents eager to have their kids participate in the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the White House, curiosity is peaked to a zenith. And it’s not just black folks, it’s everybody.

I’m sure there will be additional incidents of folks feeling slighted, but just remember your ass is not special and don’t nobody owe you shit, surely not Mr. President or the First Lady.




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mberenis said...

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Courvoisier said...

Bellini, I was so hot when I read about this. I didn't even noticed you posted on it until tonight. I was disappointed when I heard about this...

I felt like a million steps forward and someone always got to take step back. URGH!