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Monday, January 26, 2009

Frozen Feet Don't Fail Me Now

1/17/09 - 11:31 am

So here I am in Philly,
Do I really want to do this?
Up til’ 2 the morning before,
Four loads of laundry,
Three text messages,
And two hours later,
Here, I am…

Little did I know,
This was about to be,
THE most memorable,
Experience of my life,
With two women,
Who I now can say,
Are the greatest!

1/19/09 - 3:17 pm

With packed bags,
Scheduled to leave,
Monday evening,
The pressure of being,
So close,
So close not to go,
Overwhelmed me,
And I couldn’t help,
But force others to come with.

I mean how often does this happen?
Ummm...NEVER before!

Everywhere you turned,
Every station you heard,
There it was.

1/19/09 - 4:39 pm

Mama says
“NO one wants to hear, how you were there,
But…didn’t go”
I reflect.

You hear that Amaretto?

Those who went to see MLK 63
Didn’t have jumbotrons?!
I guess I am completely out,
Out of reasons not to go.

1/19/09 - 10:59 pm

So we planned the best that we could,
With the little that we knew.

1/20/09 - 6:01 am

Teamed up with six bodies,
And bundled up with four layers,
To brave 10 degrees,
Something I had never done before.
I was excited the whole time,

“Amaretto, Am I going to loose my toes?
I can’t loose my feet.”
At this point,
No longer six people deep.

1/20/09 - 10:23 am

All those negro spirituals,
Chants of O-B-A-M-A!
Bahamian flag waving in the air,
Where are you now?
To lift my spirits,
Looking through the gates,
Just need to sneak on the other side.
So close to people that I can't breathe,
Without feeling someone’s breath,
Light headed from all the smells,
Sick and tired of moving on someone else’s accord,
Can’t even eat my sandwich, (chuckle)

Rum Punch, I can’t see you!
Amaretto, I kind of see your face!

“No more people are crossing PA, ma’am”


I give up.
My toes give up.
That old white woman,
They are taking away on the stretcher,
I am with her…
Get me out of here.

1/20/09 - 11:07 am

Regroup in the coffee shop,
You want to do what?
Rum Punch ...walk 20 plus blocks?
"Nah...more like 12 (chuckle)"
"It is more like 20!"

No sensation in toes,
20 blocks,
We walk one,
And I barely (chuckle)

"Get your Obama air fresheners!"

Man, I need,
Obama hot boots,
So I can feel my feet.

Then I am blessed,
M-A-C-Y's is open,
In and Out,
Warm shoes on feet,
I can feel my toes,
Mission is back on.

There goes Amaretto skipping down H,
20 blocks?
Ah, that is nothing.
We were there!

1/20/09 - 11:59 am

In time for the start,
With millions of others,
We were 3 of the 2 million...
I wonder how our half made out?

What's that...they are there!!
They made it,
We ALL made it!

SO happy I could cry.
And I did,
Smile, laugh and cry.

Over an estimated 50 million,
Watched us and many others.

But how the hell do we get out of here?

Much Luv until next week...peace :)


Anonymous said...

Nicely written.

Adande said...

seriously...that was wonderful.

Courvoisier said...

Thanks y'all :)