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Thursday, January 1, 2009

new happy new year

apologies for the late post but hopefully everyone had a safe and happy new year's eve and day.

last week's post got me to thinking about new beginnings and new traditions. my usual new year's eve consists of collard greens, hoppin' john and praising the Lord at 12:01.

but as I pondered what to do for new year's eve this year, folks kept asking me where I was going to party and whether I had my cabbage and black eyed peas ready.

so I started a new tradition this NYE by praising the Lord a little earlier in the evening and watching the fireworks from my balcony with some new friends. I'm keeping my collards though cause somethin' just aint right about cabbage on NYE. But what a way to start a new year!

1 comment:

Rum Punch said...

Uh yeah I don't know about cabbage. Nothin' but collards in the Rum Punch household! And it was oh so tasty. Happy New Year!