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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

a'int got a clue?

You want a man.

You seek companionship.

You finally have a date and is dating.

But then you tell the man over dinner that you couldn’t entertain a long distance relationship because he lives four hours away – a measly 4. Considering I live on the east coast, four hours is the distance between D.C. and NY--halfway is Philly. Easier said then done, I'll concede the fact, but it's doable!

And all your kids are grown, except for your 16 year-old.

What are you holding back for?

You even allude to the fact, that chivalry is not for you – because you waiting for a guy to open your door for you is unrealistic – you reckon you’ve been opening your own doors for over decade now, for yourself and your kids…

This ladies and gentlemen is a real tale.
A tale so genuine that I identified with the scenario because I know all types of sistas that fit the bill. But, this particular scenario – comes straight from the Real Housewives of Orange County. Surprise.
And sistas thought they were the only ones that act this way.

Ironically, for the woman, Jeana, she comes from a household where both parents are still married, and her junior sister is happily married. So, her ass has seen up, close, and personal what a functional relationship – albeit- marriage looks like. And all I can conclude is that she doesn’t what a functional relationship for herself. Because why would you say the stupidest things over a classy dinner?

And I kid you not, Steve Harvey is on some morning program, keepin' it 99% funky...

“Do you really want to change your oil?”
“Do you want to take the garbage out?”
“Be’cuz these are things men do!” Ha, tell ‘em Steve!




Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

read harvey's book = poor read for me

Rum Punch said...

LOL! Well I don't want to change my own oil or take out the trash. I mean I can do it. But I don't want to. I was mad enough when it snowed and I had to clean that thic A** ice off my own car. Man, please! I blame Ne-yo and that damn 'she's got her own...' But Jeana is pure craziness. Plain and simple.

Bellini said...

@torrance: now don't jump the gun, i can't vouch for Steve the author...

@Rum: yes, you know Jeana is a fool at times--not about her money, if she could only apply the same savviness to dating.

you know when i hear these single woman rants -- i'm like these b***ches are crazy! Is it that they've ne'er seen a man do it whether it be Dad, brother, uncles, granddad, neighbor, whoever? or is it they detest all those things they've seen man do? or is it they ain't ne've seen it and they ain't happy and they'll use all the might to knock what they don't know? grrrr...

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