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Thursday, February 5, 2009

saturday school

a few weeks ago I was chatting with rum punch about what it was like growing up in the south and how I wondered if my as yet unborn youngins would have the same experience. heck will my as yet unmet huzband have the same experience. having attended THE hbcu for black women, i've learned that black folks come in all kinds of varieties depending on where they or they people hail from: west indian, african, west coast, and the urrreaaa. and while at a majority white grad school, i encountered time and again black folks who had no idea about my experience growing up in the south. no clue about what it meant for me to know only that my peoples came from st. helena's island south cakalak and be unable to trace my heritage no further back.

so then i got to thinkin' dammit i want my kids to KNOW! cause what if i settle back in the northeast with my future family and my kids don't grow up in the south. or what if my husband doesn't share my story altho he might be "black" like me. what if he's second generation real african american or what if he's british black or grew up in laid back cali. how will i make sure that my kids will laugh when auntie rum punch wants to tell them about the world and the way things RRRRRRR.....dit dit dit dit!

every saturday morning i'm wakin' my kids up bright and early for a lil lesson.

The Arts
Pedagogy of the oppressed
the autobiography of malcolm x
the 23rd psalm and reciting it before school every morning
Attending a Black college homecoming (preferably the Marching 100)
Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes
The Elements
Learning the bus stop
The wiz
Five heartbeats
Boys in the hood
School daze
Different world
Cosby show
the color purple

Life Skills Training
Cornrows with beads on the end
killing a flying cockroaches
Vacation bible school
Easter speeches
Walking in the mlk parade
Seeing a Klan robe up close and personal
Getting baptized in that secret compartment under the pulpit
Learning how put the needle on the record player
How to identify the nearest exit in .3 seconds when folks start runnin
how to play spades and how not to renig
Watchnight and candlelight communion
Singing in the junior choir with them hot robes
Going to Sunday school
Staying at Grandmama house for at least a weekend with no cable and no air conditioning
How to open and eat blue crabs with no utensils and no help from ya mama nem
Knowing what "mamanem" means
How to hit the floor when folks start shooting

Field Trips
Martin Luther the King Junior historic site
Bainbridge Georgia
Memphis tenn
st Helena's island
Family reunions

Cooking Class
Fish fry
oyster roast
low country boil
making a thrill
waffle house after the club

for my folks who were raised in the south or spent some quality time there, what would you add?


Christina D said...

wow! i grew up in the urrreaa (aka DMV, who came up with that?). anyway, i know about a lot of stuff on this list, lol! i wld add:
1. wearin those thick a$$ tights to church er'ry sunday until the weather broke, then it was ruffle socks.
2. gettin hype about ur first set of "heels"; the patten leather joints with the 1" heel (lol)
3. learnin to make REAL mac & cheese!
4. how to use vaseline when ur in a pinch & low on lotion :-)

Rum Punch said...

LOL! I do appreciate you having me sing Miss One's line from The Wiz Let's see I would add:

1. Driving down South in the caravan for your family reunion and all the antics of that trip.
2. Being still and quiet during a thunderstorm.
3. Knowing how to make 'nana pudding, peach cobbler and pound cake.
4. Grits, eggs and [your favorite meat] for breakfast.
5. Playing spades and talking s**t...

Mudslide said...

Knowing what chitlins/chitterlings are and what they smell like. No taste test needed. :)

MrsMeany said...

You can't forget about Stevie Wonder when you mention the soundtrack of your childhood!!!
Also for the ARTS: ya gotta let yo chil'ren watch GOOD TIMES on TV One!!! DY-NO-MIIIIIIIIIIITE!!!

Ahhhhhh...I remember vacation bible school (learnin' all the books of the Bible in SONG FORM)...the HOT COMB...cornrows with beads (that were secured on the ends with 'LUMINUM FOIL!!!)...riding my bike up country dirt roads for hours on end...being told to unplug EVERYTHING in the house when a thunderstorm started (and being told to take a nap during said storm!!! The Lord was "doing HIS work"...hahaha)...my first pair of Chicago roller skates with the big yarn PUFF on the each foot...eating PIXIE STICKS, drinking QUARTER WATERS and other junk food...riding in the back of my Granddad's pick up truck...
I MISS that stuff! Too bad my kid(s) will NEVER get to experience a QUARTER of what I did coming up. That's a shame!!!

mint julep said...

@Christina--gurl you brought back memories of hot sweaty legs with those stockings and non-velvetta, REAL baked macaroni and cheese is a must!
@Rum--it'll be somthing like little kids in high chairs looking on curiously as we re-enact all the musical numbers and THEN make them watch the real thing. lol.
@mrsmeany--dang you really brought it! i didn't remember a quarter of the stuff that we did. ain't nothing like the south!