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Thursday, February 12, 2009

we just don't care...

with valentine's day right around the corner, all things love have been springing up on every corner, in every drug store aisle. big ass balloons blocking out the light, crushing down on you and getting in your way as you try to make your way to the feminine products aisle. and then you run into a couple of teenagers hiding behind the magazines making out. yuck! (or not).

pda's. public displays of affection. the great cultural divide.

once upon a time (during my golden years of middle school) i thought pda's were never appropriate, at any time, in any place, with any body involved. yeah it was a bit extreme but i felt it was the best rule. a total ban, like prohibition, was the only workable solution because if you let a few situations and circumstances slip through the cracks, all hell would break loose and folks would be gettin' busy on the streets.

but as with most things, i've mellowed out a bit from my all or nothing stance on pda's (plus drugs, guns and a whole host of other things). i think pda's are ok. more than ok...they are pretty f'ing awesome. in fact i was involved in my very first pda a few days ago. it was the first time that i kissed (like tongue-me-down-kissed) someone in a crowded room (and on a public street) with other people watching (and wondering) and i just didn't care. it was wonderful, liberating and delicious. le sigh...

and it made me wonder, why had i been so diametrically opposed to pda's before? was it the hater in me, that because i wasn't gettin any pdaction, no one else could either? or were my judgments based on the couple: how they looked, how old they were, their respective sexes, the setting, the amount of saliva exchanged, the time of the month, etc.? me no know.

what i do know is that there still exists for me a line between acceptable (and enjoyable) pda's and exhibitionism. the line begins to form when paws become involved, groping breasts, legs, in between legs, etc. then i need ya'll to get a room. for realz.

but where is that boundary for you? query that as we approach valentine's day cause folks will be gettin' their pda on with increased frequency over the next few days.

happy pre-vday everyone. i leave you with j. legend and his interpretation of the sitchy-ation (c) mrsmeany.

1 comment:

MrsMeany said...

Awwwwwwww, MJ!!! it's nice that you felt liberated and wonderful. try to keep that good vibe going!!!

HOWEVER...I'm still anti-PDA. But that's just me. Hand holding's fine...a brief hello kiss is cool...

I wouldn't be anti-PDA, but some of the shiz that I've seen in the SKREETS, on the subway and in the CLUBS??? OMG--UNACCEPTABLE! hahaha (and the older the person, the more I'm like WTF?! Don't y'all have somewhere y'all can go to do that? Teens don't have their own apartments/houses, so I can understand the secret-rendezvous-action, but GROWN FOKES? uh-uh!!!)

It takes a few people to ruin something that is supposed to be "liberating" and "wonderful" by taking it to ANOTHER LEVEL! hahaha