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Thursday, March 12, 2009

it's the real....hip hop (& soul)

i love a lot of things but nothing more than a live music show. i especially love live hip hop and soul music. i used to frequent sob's, bb kings, and any random after-hours spot in new york city to see some live music. i'd ride down the turnpike, headed to d.c. just to see martin luther at the black cat. but since moving to nola, i've missed out on my hop & soul. while there's plenty of jazz to be had here and i get my fair share, i've missed my soul music.

but last night, i got back into the groove with two unlikely suspects. estelle and solange played the house of blues to an almost sold out crowd. i had no expectations for either of these artists. although estelle is on the ipod and solange is on the radio (sometimes), i wasn't a huge fan. but these ladies turned it out. bravo!

viva la live music!

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