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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

art of struggle

some people like to struggle.
admit it.
it is a fact of life.

the operative word is like--the term is up for dispute.
i have a friend who disputes the fact (Team Struggle) and then i have another who echoes my thoughts (Team Anti-Stupidity). folks we have to admit there are somethings that are just black and white, and our efforts to imbue shades of grey is relegating us to remain in senseless conditions. perhaps if i provide scenarios your rationale may become crystal clear.

scenario #1: RiRi and Chris
Team Struggle: suggests that RiRi probably instigated some of the offensive attacks she received from Chris. by no means does Team Struggle condone Chris' actions
Team Anti-Stupidity: reckons some folks like to get their ass beat!

scenario #2: Octopulets
Team Struggle: believes the Mother's mental state ain't right, probably psychological shit is goin' on
Team Anti-Stupidity: states it's plain ol' stupid, dumb fool! and it ain't fair to the chil'ren

scenario #3: out-of-control teenagers
Team Struggle: beat their ass
Team Anti-Stupidity: fcuk 'em up

see i told you somethings are literally black and white
folks stop making up the grey



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