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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gone But Not Forgotten

When I was a young Amaretto I swear I had a good memory. Actually, if I recall correctly it was one of the best! Once something got in my head it stayed and took up residence. Never was I one to claim that I had a photographic memory, but I was never a child who forgot her homework. Never was I a child so out of it that I needed my name and address pinned to my coat. So it’s a little unsettling to me, as I become older and wiser that here lately I am forgetting things. And I am not talking oh I forgot to water the plants, or how old Great Aunt Susie will be this year. I’m talking about I am suppose to be someplace at a certain time and there isn’t so much as a nagging feeling that I’m suppose to be doing something... I’m just sitting sipping my sweet tea watching Maury tell another baby daddy…that he in fact is not the father! Does anyone else wonder if folks are going to celebrate Father’s Day in 2020? I'm thinking no. Is it just me?

Hmmmm. What was I writing about? Oh, yeah.

So Rum Punch has long since sworn by her planning calendar. Since I am just getting on the camera phone craze (like as of March ‘08), I have yet to utilize the wonderfulness that are the schedulers that come with the phone. Nor do I see myself carrying around
these…though my mom swears by them. I am a single lady with no kids, so what do I need a planner for? There are no music lessons or swim practices I have to get the little ones to after a day at work. I mean straight up, all I am doing right now is hanging out and working. And yet people say “Remember yesterday when…” and well all I can do is stare blankly, because I don’t remember it…at all.

Forgetfulness is just one of the more annoying things about getting older. You come to expect the reduce energy, the gray hairs found in unmentionable places, the “miss” that becomes “ma’am”. But when you really have to think about what you wore to work last week in hopes not to wear the same outfit…there’s a problem. When as a child your favorite game was
Memory and you can’t remember where you parked the car, what year it is, or who the President is, there is cause for concern. Not saying that all these things have happened to me-I am here to entertain, but this type of shyt happens like everyday...so some people. I definitely know a Black man is President, and his name ain't Jesse Jackson....right?

It seems that as more stuff goes into my head, so of that other stuff is falling out. I guess that’s just part of the process of getting older. I might just have to eat more fish, tie a string on my finger and start using a planner if I want to remember what is it is exactly that I am suppose to be doing…

See You In Seven


Courvoisier said...

I LOVE my PDA but you know that already. I think it helps me to remember everything. Sometimes I don't even have to check it.

Rum Punch said...

I am telling you, planners are needed at this point and stage in life! And I say this after I completely forgot about a meeting tonight that I had not written down! Seriously, do you need me to bring you one from work? They're free! And they have great pictures of our girls! :-)

Bellini said...

preach Rummy! I'm in the office working on a deliverable for tomorrow and a colleague pops in my office "we've already started the staff meeting!" shit, I'm in the office doing work, but i failed to put the weekly meeting on my calendar.

@Amaretto: get with the program and get wired or put it on paper!

CapriceClassic said...

Rum, you're trippin. I gotta say, in ALL seriousness, you might want to hit up a neurologist cause all that "extra" forgetfulness is not normal and needs to be checked out. I'm like, "huh, she's in her 20's, and can't remember shxt?" I'm in my late 30's and you best believe I never miss an appointment - I can even tell you the names, characteristics, and mood swings of my 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7th grade teachers. So yeah, better get that checked cause I know FOR A FACT that Alzheimer's symptoms start in the 20's - no joke - my grandfather (who raised me) had it, and I helped take care of him.

I'm not trying to be negative, I'm trying to help cause it's a known fact when the symptoms start. Yeah, get that checked out.

Amaretto said...

Ladies, I forgot all about responding to your comments!

Well we'll see about the planners...they are like diaries and eating right to me. What good are they if you aren't consistent?

@Caprice: Kudos for your awesome memory...I can remember all my teachers names, but I can say I could recognize them if I saw them on the street. But also keep in mind that some of my post has been exaggerated in my lame attempt to be humorous. I do thank you for your PSA about Alzheimer's Disease, I didn't know symptoms started in the 20's. That's a jarring fact right there!