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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

price paid to work and be woman

So, "like an epiphany" cue Chrisette Monday afternoon while in the office, eating my lunch and reading the NY Times article, Women Bullying Women at Work and then serendipitiously listening to Jill Scott’s "I Keep". I tell myself, divine intervention is at play here. The third omen to write this post occured Monday night, while watching the FOX series 24. Did you see the tete-√°-tete between Janice and Chloe -- loves it? But you have to wonder why would women do that to one another? What is wrong with them?
for the most part Bellini gets along with most

So, today I will share with you some stories of women in the workplace. Men make sure you read this ‘cuz you’re sure to get a chuckle or too, and women you’re sure to hit some amens or jeer at being called out. So, here we go.

When it comes to the workplace, I've had some interesting encounters with women. During my first internship (related careerwise) my manager was a woman. She was uberprofessional, sharp, and on point. And, when it comes to me being a professional, I model myself after her. She kept drama out of our office, she kept the staff abreast of company politics coupled with an objective perspective. Oh, and she remembered birthdays and took you out to lunch. That's the epitome of a professional to me. Even now, folks will tell you Bellini is one smart cookie -- I learned from the best.

During my internship days, I met a female manager of an engineer firm. The only female manager. And she shared with me that she would take naps in the middle of the day. Close her office door shut, and zone out for 30 minutes to an hour -- rejuvenate her body. None of the men bothered her, actually they couldn't she was at the top of her game. She struggled her way to the top by acquiring all the right credentials (i.e. academic pedigree) along the way. As my former boss would say, "paid the cost to be the boss!"

Fastforward, 5 years to my first real job as a professional. My nemesis as Rummy would call her was a fox in sheep's clothing. Initially, she wasn't even in my department. clue #1 Due to some drama in her department, she transferred over to my department. Now, keep in mind I was the youngest professional in my office. Women looked at me with an askew glance, and men were just tickled pink with me -- go figure. The heffa out of nowhere coronated herself as my defacto overseer. Bellini can smell a rat right away, I spoke with my boss to clarify the division in labor in which he did. Yet, that action only nullified her temporarily. The bish started clocking/watching me. Aren't we all damn professionals? Don't we all have a life?

clue #2 When you don't have a man or no kids -- ladies and gentlemen run for cover! Women of that ilk can be of the deadly variety. My nemesis was all of that and then some! She clearly was older than me by 15 years damn shame. Ironically, the woman -- was a woman of color, but nope she wasn't a sista. The sistas in my office were cool as shit! We looked out for each other, go the extra mile for each other, cover for one another. I've heard tales about sistas being the worst species to work for and I have yet to have a sista as a boss. Time will tell, what keeps me guarded is that I will be the boss who also happens to be a sista and yet I will keep grounded due to all the stores Rummy shared at a past work experience.

Recently, I encountered a colleague who shared that the top female professional of her past company would crochet during meetings (senior, senior -level meetings at that) and I laughed in awe. My colleague was horrified, she felt like she took the feminist movement back 20 years. In a tactful way I essentially told her to get a grip. "You don't know what price she paid to be the boss?" touché

Ladies, as you climb that corporate ladder -- just be mindful and aware shit gets lonely at the top.



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Rum Punch said...

Girl, preach! Let me just say that a high level sista girl in the Obama cabinet is getting married. And I'm glad that even w/ the power of her position, she still recognizes that work is not the only thing that matters. Love. Companionship. Those things are needed for work life balance. So then you aren't so focused on what somebody else is doing cause you have a nothing else to occupy your time.

Anyway. You know I work w/ nothing but females. And I'm talking bout look at your palms females. Lordy. The passive aggressive behavior that goes on round 'chere will blow your mind. LOL!