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Monday, May 18, 2009

Lil' Shots of Courvoisier

Every once in a while I have these thoughts of whether or not I would be a good mother. Those who know me would probably say "Yes but only one child" Some have even gone so far as to say one little girl will be just fine for me. If I said that one little girl didn't sound ideal for me I would be lying but I can't help but think, I would love to have two childern. (Now whether I birth these two kids is a different story.) I have always wanted to adopt. I just can't imagine living my whole life and not adopting.

I remember the exact moment when I decided I wanted to adopt, I was 16 years old. (That is funny because at 16 I was not trying to be married or give birth but I was down for adopting though.) It was junior year of highschool and I decided that my class was going to adopt a boy and a girl in South Africa, Maria and Joseph. It was such a good feeling to get those letters written by Maria and Joseph in the mail about how much they were learning in school. We even got pictures of them in their uniforms. We sponsored them for 2 years, until we graduated. I hoped that the class behind us continued but there is no telling.

Then last week, that same feeling was rekindled as I watched the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. The kids singing and smiling in the orphanage, got me. I started thinking as a single woman at my age can I adopt? Children that happy deserve the opportunity to do more. I would love to open a few doors for them so that they can help to build their country.

The plan back when I was 16 was to grow-up, get married, have a child of my own then adopt. Hmm... I think I might have to re-write that plan. When I am ready to be a parent (which is maybe in a few years), I don't think I am going to pay thousands of dollars like chic in Baby Mama, or get 'Knocked Up' by some random dude similar to another crazy movie out there. I am going to seriously look into adopting. I am blessed and I can't imagine not sharing.

Much luv until next week... peace :)


Amaretto said...

Well you already know I think you would make the bestest momma! It's funny because I too want to adopt at some point in life. I just wish the process wasn't so extensive and expensive...but we are talking about people not puppies.

Rum Punch said...

Well I knew I wanted to adopt (w/ or w/out a husband) sometime around 2003, when I used to watch my little cousin. She was about a year and some change. Had just learned how to walk and was testing it out. I was lying on the couch. And after she walked it out, she came over, held out her arms and made that lil' 'pick me up' yelp. I lifter her up and she just laid her head on my chest and closed her eyes. And I was like awwww... And that's when I knew I could totally love a child that didn't actually come out of me. They just want and need to be genuinely loved by someone who has their back. So yeah girl, if we ain't married by the time we, ok I used to say 35 but that seems right around the corner now, so let's say 38 - let's adopt babies at the same time! Two little girls who will grow up together!

shannon said...

I am not saying I have completely ruled out having children biologically one day. (Frankly, the thought terrifies the daylights out of me.) But I agree with you on this. Honestly, I think people who have kids biologically often do so for narcissistic reasons. "What would my man and I look like as a little kid?" "I want to raise a little me!" Blech! That's just wrong. There are so many kids out there who need love. Why restrict the love you can give to your bloodline alone?

Courvoisier said...

Well hello Shannon!

Rum Punch & Amaretto - maybe we should team together and get a three for one deal on attorney fees. (chuckle)

Mudslide said...

I always thought about adopting, but I couldnt do it without having wifey birthing one of our own first. Then, without question, I would seriously consider adopting. Of course, if I couldnt have kids of my own, adopting is a no brainer for me.