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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Thanks Kanye!

So originally I was going to weigh in on the whole Kanye, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jay-Z, damn is Jay Leno a real journalist now?! topic...buuuuuuuuut that was before the work demands and hours that passed that made this saga old news. So my funny, insightful, provocative, best entry ever- has been preempted by this two cents jingling in a coffee cup post! Sit back and listen to me tinkle.

Yippie! Kanye’s actions, words and cockiness have shocked and appalled people yet again. He’s about to be bad, real bad Michael Jackson if he keeps this up!
And while the president called him a jackass, I can’t help but feel a little sorry for the man. I missed Sunday night’s VMAs so I didn’t get to see KWes in action, but I did catch the Jay Leno Show. As soon as Jay said “your mother…” I was waiting for the eruption, the tantrum, or the Cherokee trail tears. But the silence-the audience and Kanye himself were a little unexpected. I was wondering if he was holding back tears like a just scolded child. Biting his tongue…because you don’t ever talk about someone’s mother! Or really realizing what went wrong that night or months ago when his mom passed. I’m glad he still went on Leno-because I am getting tired of the rich and famous skirting by their just deserved consequences just cause their face is more recognizable than mine. But more importantly I’m glad he realized that maybe he had gone too far. That his big ego took him beyond what our collective Kanye limits allow. Baby Bush? Okay-dog him out! Blood Diamonds-terrible! But Taylor Swift? She’s a pretty, little 19 year old girl just trying to stack her dollars a la Miley Cyrus! Don’t hate man! Should we give Kanye some growth points because he didn’t say His video was the best?

EVERYONE in the world has emulated the Single Ladies video. Sure you could find me trying to dance to it at the Essence Music Festival this July. Sure we all know Beyonce’s video was better, but for real Kayne you don’t have to tell everyone what we are thinking! That’s what barbershops and blogs are for!

But thank you Mr. West for giving me (and everyone else) something to talk about yet again!

See You In Seven

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