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Monday, September 14, 2009

What Happened to the Art of Communication?

Last week, I got a FB friend request from a handsome guy in Florida whose name I didn't recognize. This happened right after giving my friend a speech about requesting friendships of strangers that she thought was attractive, just because they were a friend of a friend. Well, here I am considering accepting this friendship request because he is kind of cute. What if I just accept to see his pictures and read his FB status diary... "No" she said.

Oops too late, I already did. (chuckle) Now, usually I don't accept stranger requests but I was super curious about this one and after looking at the pictures. It couldn't hurt if he was a friend. (chuckle)

Never been a fan of meeting strangers online or online dating, this was bound to be interesting. So I took the first initiative and sent him an email with the subject line "Do I know you?"

He replies "sorry no resaon to be on kine. hope you have a nice weekend be safe"

What?!? Is that English? Little pet peeve here, maybe he is sending this message from a phone but even still... so I respond with proper English in hopes that he does the same.

" OH... okay. Just asking.
Same to you... enjoy your weekend :)"

He replies, "i just feel a bit shame the way you said it. but its kool because am always kool are a nice person wear are you from?"

I am done. This person has been de-friended. Are you kidding me? We don't know each other and you want the only impression of you to be someone who can't type a sentence. I was done... 'wear' instead of 'where' took me there. (chuckle)

Much luv until next week... peace :)

P.S. This is definitely a good time for NY... go hard Brooklyn, smooches to Harlem and it's all good Queens.


Localicious said...

uh huh...now i don't wanna hear nothin from u when i tell u about the next cute random person i wanna friend :-P (hahaha) but i will admit he was cute!

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