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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I love that Girl

So, while I continue to be deep in an abyss called Haiti (thanks minty for communicating to that to the masses) - I've managed to crawl up just a bit to write a post. And if I wasn't in so deep last week, I would have told y'all " I love that Girl!"

Yes, I was a faithful couch potato last week and tuned in to TV One to watch their series debut. For one, I just love Martin Lawrence (yup still watch the reruns) and so when he said watch his show that he executive produced - Bellini was game.

So, the premise of the show is (forgive me i only know gov't names) Tatyana Ali's (Ashley on Fresh Prince of Bel Air)character was formerly engaged and is regrouping her life. So, along the way she has a brother (hilarious- Bellini's got two and he reminds me of one of them w/ his antics), a father, and neighbors. Now Ali's charcter is a buppy, so as a fellow buppy I can appreciate her character. Ali's character balances the mundane with wordliness, not too pretentious. So, the show is actually refreshing. Unfortunateley, I missed last night (graduate class [insert semi-sad face]), which will probably mean I'll miss the whole season. So, you all watch it for me.

hmmmm... I need to get back to work, so I'll holla next week!



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Anina said...

Please be quiet... lol! I watched it online the other day was too ashamed to tell anyone I saw it... lol! I thought she could do better but it is entertaining I must say.