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Monday, January 25, 2010

Single Question?

Why is there SO much politrickin' behind helping the people of Haiti?

Seriously. I know the US can be a bully at times but let's face it the countries that do well, know their place and stand their ground. Survival first. Despite all that is happening and the choas behind the relief effort, I am confused as to why I am reading articles such as these that state the following:

“They said, ‘Yes — as long as it’s temporary,’ ” said Bishop Jean-Zache
Duracin of Haiti’s Episcopal Church, who attended the meeting. “We have no
choice because the government has collapsed.”
Where is the Haitian government? Your people need you? Is this U.S. propaganda to justify future plans of taking over Haiti? I don't get it. This is a chance to start fresh, let go of the past not regurgitate the past drama. Either way, I will continue to help and continue to pray that you find true leadership for the future.

Much luv and prayers until next week... peace :)

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