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Friday, March 5, 2010

I'll Fly Away

Week in and week out, I come here and give you words. Lots of words. Wit. And dare I say, wisdom? Heh. But today all I can give you is E. Badu's new song, Window Seat, cause it captures everything I'm feeling right now. And while I don't have, "my music, a lover, or some babies," The chorus is where I'm at.

so can i get a window seat
don’t want nobody next to me
i just want a ticket outta town to look around
and a safe touch down
so can i get a window seat
don’t want nobody next to me
i just want a chance to fly
a chance to cry
and a long bye bye...

Yeah I would totally take alladat right about now.

Update - check the live version y'all!

That's my time y'all! Happy Rum Punch Friday!


Amaretto said...

LOL *smiley face*!

When this song came on the radio last night I was like that totally captures my current sentiments, and I was trying to say that in my last post, like dag how nice it is to just be able to get up and walk (or fly) away! Then I planned to post this song on Tuesday! But alas, you have beat me to it!

Rum Punch said...

Yesss, girl! This song has been on repeat for like a week straight. It's speakin to my soul. And I feel like it's fina be the Black girl anthem. But when she hits the, "so presently I'm standing here right now you're so demanding - tell me what you want from me." It's like yesss... Who's so demanding? Everyone! And what the frick do you want? Every-thing! Just leave me alone - now I'm singing Michael Jackson. Lol.

Anonymous said...